Kacy & Clayton

Kacy & Clayton (SK)

In Greek mythology, the sirens were mystical creatures whose captivating voices and enchanting songs lured enraptured sailors to their doom. Kacy & Clayton’s haunting, evocative music has a similarly intoxicating effect on today’s listeners – even though they’re from Saskatchewan with not a sea in sight, and hearing their music is a very good thing. You want to listen, feel free and safe to do so, even though their latest recording is called “The Siren’s Song”.

Kacy is sometimes compared to another Prairie songbird and folk icon, Joni Mitchell, as her own unique voice carries the beauty of new and old times. Her expressive voice and violin, combined with the intricate guitar work and warm harmony vocals of cousin and musical partner, Clayton Linthicum, make music that seems to exist outside of time and tradition. Avowedly “obsessed with history” and the stories and characters that have come before, their music taps into the bottomless well of folk and country influences from North America and the British Isles. They inject centuries of musical and cultural history with youthful energy and a modern sensibility.

The duo’s vivid, character-filled songs explore their shared rural Saskatchewan roots – they grew up a few miles apart in the Wood Mountain Uplands, an isolated community in southern Saskatchewan, 12 miles from the Montana border and hours from the nearest record store. Their songs reflect their insatiable curiosity about their own and their music’s past, and address sometimes dark and bittersweet tales in a way that counterpoints the positive dynamics of their musical chemistry.

Words cannot fully express. You have to see them to know them. The sirens are calling. Come listen.