Jojo Abot

Jojo Abot (Ghana)


Hypnotic, sultry, vulnerable, and empowering—these words come to mind when first experiencing the music of Jojo Abot, the Ghanaian singer-songwriter who is poised to capture the ears of discerning listeners worldwide with her experimental blend of electronica, afrobeat, jazz, neo-soul, house and reggae. Presenting the best of multiple worlds, Abot’s music is truly a cultural and musical sonic fusion, a perfect and growing melting pot of sound.

Born in the town of Ho in Ghana, Abot divides her time between Accra, New York, and Copenhagen. While in Accra, she stumbled upon a truly powerful arts and culture underground movement that provoked her in a powerful way. She’s a familiar face within Ghana’s independent creative scene and, in addition to her musical prowess, she moonlights as an actress, model and stylist.

But this multi-faceted artist feels most at home behind the microphone. She recently performed at Lauryn Hill’s Diaspora Calling! Music Festival , where she was featured alongside three other Ghanaian artists. The music reviewers at stayed up past dawn to watch the Brooklyn show streaming on the web in Ghana reporting: “Ms. Abot killed her set. Left the stage for dead. The music had such an immersive haunting vibe. The whole auditorium screaming was pure magic. It’s amazing to witness her evolution as an artist – to see the growth, the deep inner work – she had to do to get to this point. She exhibits a kind of giddy freedom on stage that sparkles magic leaving those who are witnesses a bit dumbfounded.”

Singing in English and her mother tongue of Ewe (spoken throughout the Volta Region of Ghana), her experimental vocal melodies are truly a cultural and sonic fusion, a perfect synthesis of her world travels. If you’re looking for stimulating music, come see her at this year’s VFMF.

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