Joaquin Diaz


Joaquin Diaz (QC)

“Diaz’s meringue has a melodic sensibility… he is a master instrumentalist, expertly skittering through intricate accordion solos…” Ramiro Burr, SingOut! Magazine

You will not be able to resist Joaquin Diaz. His light-fingered accordion playing and his infectious vocals drenched in Latin soul make this Caribbean maestro the best of the new generation of traditional folk merengue artists. His musical career began on the streets of San Pedro de Macorix at age nine, and progressed to playing accordion in the most prestigious Regencies of Santo Domingo. Now based in Montreal, Diaz has thrilled Latino and non-Latino fans alike. His repertoire is a mixture of traditional and original tunes characterized by exhilarating rhythms. He sustains the music’s rhythm with devilish percussion, using congas, tambora, guira, bongos, bass drum and electric bass, which add even more energy to the invigorating bachatas (Dominican music). His own vocals are absolutely electrifying, and he is a master showman who connects directly and effortlessly with his audience.