Matthew Barber & Jill Barber

Matthew Barber and Jill Barber (BC/Ontario)


Join us in delicious anticipation as we look forward to the uniquely resonant sound of sibling voices together on stage. It happens almost every year at the festival, it seems, and always a special treat. And when those siblings are Jill and Matthew Barber, we know we are in for a particular pleasure.

Jill is the, now, Vancouver-based chanteuse and song writer who finds a vocal home in whatever style or genre her open and talented muse takes her. Her distinctive voice can make folk, country, pop, jazz, and Motown tunes her own. She won acclaim in the Maritimes when she was a Halifax resident – winning prestigious East Coast Music Awards among other nominations – and garnered national recognition for her voice and her songs, with seven releases to her credit so far.

Matthew is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter whose music has been variously described as indie-pop with folk and alternative country influences. His latest recording has him acing everything from soul-searching ballads to foot-stomping rockers to groovy mid-tempo tunes. But very much like his sister – he has the uncanny ability to traverse genres with a voice that is warm, evocative, and unerringly his and his alone, as his several recordings attest.

These sibling voices, each a potent force on their own, will come together at this year’s festival. Listen to their videos as they sing in concert, and imagine them live on stage, outdoors at Jericho Beach Park. Anticipation…   Concert – Sunday

Jill Barber:

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Matthew Barber:

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