Jenny Ritter

Jenny Ritter (BC)


Jenny Ritter’s musical roots sprout from traditions of folk, bluegrass, and country music, but her very original music is delightfully un-label-able.

She’s a naturally-skilled flat picker on guitar, and adds the twangy tones of claw hammer banjo to many of her songs. Her sweet, positive songwriting is unique in its deceiving simplicity. She was born and raised in a cabin deep in the woods of Vancouver Island, and the loneliness (and beauty) of such an upbringing flavours her songs with gorgeous pastoral imagery and uninhibited expression.

She was a founder of the well known country/roots band, The Gruff, and after 10 years with them, struck out on her own. At home in Vancouver, she co-founded a Scandinavian folk music trio, Marmota, and created and directs a successful rock’n’roll choir called the Kingsgate Chorus, and freelances as guitar accompanist to the West Coast’s finest fiddlers.

A great collaborator yes, but Jenny really shines in her own spotlight, delivering music that is all her own.

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