Jenn Grant

Jenn Grant (Nova Scotia)


“no one can sing quite like the sublime Grant, the Halifax songbird who coos “ooh hoo” as gorgeously as a dove in heaven.” – The Globe and Mail, Toronto

People – audiences, critics, reviewers, peers, others – say very nice things about Jenn Grant. They say she’s one of the best singers in the world right now, that her smoky, jazz-tinged voice nuanced with East Coast folk sensibility is alluring, that her music draws you into a world full of love, loss, sadness and flights of happiness. They say that if you’re not drawn to her and her music, you must be made of stone. She’s busy, on tour now (April to June 2015), her itinerary taking her from Rome to Moncton, Toronto to Philly, New York to LA.

So if you don’t know about this award-winning songstress who has released 5 albums to critical acclaim – the latest, Compostela, a powerful collection of songs where “teetering on psychedelic folk and into a balladry of melodic storytelling, you are welcomed into the heart’s cave” – well, if you don’t know her, you really should. You will like her as much as the rest of the world.

Here’s an idea! Come meet this astonishing young artist at the festival. She will welcome you like you’re gathering in her living room; her iridescent voice and engaging warmth will leave you breathless.

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