Jake Morley

Jake Morley 

“Jake Morley is not just your average bloke with guitar, he stuns crowds with his unique style and is always a show stealer.” – BBC

It’s phenomenal to watch him but it’s still more daunting to consider that he also sings up a storm and writes cracking songs. Morley is a true original‘ – Acoustic Magazine

A rare and unusual talent, Jake Morley is a remarkable guitar player and singer-songwriter. He plays guitar across his lap and slaps, taps, plucks and picks the instrument to produce a sound like pretty much no one else.

This London-born singer crafts thought-provoking and personal songs, combining them with intricate and delicate guitar plucking. He plays to sell-out headline gigs marked by an amazing ability to evoke emotion using just an instrument and his powerful voice. Add to that his ability to deliver them to his audience in an engaging manner Morley has earned a reputation for fearless live shows. Veering from hilarious to heartbreaking, this is one of the most distinctive and interesting singer-songwriters in the UK at the top of his game.