This artist performed at the VFMF in 2018

To see Iskwé (pron: iss-kway, “woman” in Cree) unify riveting electronic trip-hop beats with her Cree/Dene/Irish spirit is to witness a revolutionary way of moving through the world. Listen to her powerful lyrics. It’s clear this Winnipeg-born, singer/songwriter means business. She tackles the weighty truths of Canada’s colonial past, looks unflinchingly at the future, and shines a bright light on the gut wrenching loss of missing and murdered Indigenous women: “I won’t let you look away anymore.” She won’t let you, and you won’t want to.

Influenced by risk takers such as Bjork, David Bowie and Erykah Badu, IsKwé explores cross-cultural teachings and political ideology to discover “where self fits into community.” Her music reaches out to bring you in.

CBC Music has named her one of the top 10 artists to watch, and she’s nominated for the 2018 Juno Indigenous Music Album of the Year award for The Fight Within.

This rising voice is not to be missed!  

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