Hannah Georgas


Hannah Georgas (BC)
From a big family in Newmarket, Ontario, Hannah Georgas decided to move out to BC on her own at the age of twenty. She says she needed to “find my own place that felt like me.” Happily for us, she found that place in the supportive music scene of Vancouver. She’s been a vital part, and increasingly a star of that scene for going on five years now. Known for her acoustic leanings, Georgas has found bold new ways to marry her essential singer-songwriter sensibility with elaborate studio soundscapes, while significantly upping the playfulness factor and further defining her own voice. Her new self-titled album is one of rich, emotionally resonant synth-pop that isn’t afraid to walk a fine line between vintage new wave and contemporary ethereality. Called “One of Canada’s most sought-after up-and-coming talents” by Exclaim, Hannah Georgas is on an upward trajectory, and the sky’s the limit. Come join us for a slice of the ride!