Fortunate Ones

Fortunate Ones (Newfoundland)


Maritime love was all over the debut release that came out earlier this year from Newfoundland folk-pop duo, Fortunate Ones. The Bliss takes listeners out of the house, the car, the trail they’re running, and brings them on a magical escape for 40 minutes full of stories of hope, strength and heart.

Both from The Rock, the duo, Mount Pearl’s Andrew James O’Brien (vocals, guitar) and Corner Brook’s Catherine Allan (vocals, piano, accordion), met in the capital, St. John’s. Andrew had received a nomination at the 2012 East Coast Music Awards for his solo album, Songs For Searchers, and toured extensively across Canada and the UK, with Catherine accompanying him. It was during this time that they realized the direction their music-making was naturally heading, and decided to officially form as Fortunate Ones. “We put a name on something that was naturally occurring.” recalls Andrew. “It wasn’t Andrew James O’Brien with Catherine Allan anymore – it was already Fortunate Ones.”

Plain and simple, they consider themselves fortunate to pursue their dreams. Their name reflects shared experiences with audiences. Their beautiful pop melodies with folk harmonies and infectious choruses have those audience enthusiastically singing along. It is about connecting people of all kinds, to make strangers friends, to elicit feelings of joy, hope, sadness, and contemplation – and the spirit that we are all in this together.

And now that they’re bringing that Maritime love to the West Coast, we have a sneaking suspicion that we are soon to be Fortunate Ones, as well!

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