Elephant Revival


Elephant Revival (CO)

Brought together by a unified sense of purpose – the spirit of the five souls of Elephant Revival, working in harmony, create sounds they could never produce alone. This Nederland, Colorado quintet have quite the collective sound – a groove that’s been labeled “progressive edge,” containing elements of gypsy, rock, Celtic, alt-country and folk. It’s as good a label as any to convey their mission: to close the gap of separation between us through the eternal revelry of song and dance. The band also shares a commitment to the responsible stewardship of the planet and its inhabitants. Their very name was chosen out of empathy for a pair of zoo pachyderms who, upon being separated after 16 years, died on the same day. Come meet the five dynamic souls of Elephant Revival: Sage Cook (banjos, guitar, mandolin, bass & fiddle), Bridget Law (fiddles), Bonnie Paine (washboard, djembe, musical saw, stompbox), Daniel Rodriguez (guitar, banjo, bass), and Dango Rose (double-bass, mandolin, banjo).