Élage Diouf

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2016

Élage Diouf (Senegal/Québec)

Elage Diouf - official2

“My music is for the whole world to enjoy. It touches the heart, whatever the language. With upbeat songs that combine many cultures’ influences, sounds that are warm, with good dancing rhythms, sounds that make you want to move and feel great. This is what I want for myself, my family, my planet,” – Élage Diouf

Master percussionist, Senegalese-born singer-songwriter and performer Élage Diouf moved to Canada in 1996 to pursue a musical career that continues to grow and flourish today. A renowned star in his native Senegal, he officially made a name for himself in Canada in 2010 with his first solo album, Aksil (“welcome” in wolof). The album received numerous accolades, including a JUNO and a FELIX Award – both for Best World Music Album. Élage is also known for innumerable collaborations with a range of artists and companies, including a role as a featured performer in the world tour of Cirque de Soleil’s DELIRIUM in over 200 shows around the world.

His music, a blend of folk, pop, world, blues and asiko, thrives at an artistic crossroads well travelled by renowned artists like Carlinhos Brown, Peter Gabriel and Andres Cepeda. The musicality of the wolof language explains his choice to sing mainly in his mother tongue.

His live performances are special events thanks to his knack for inciting public participation – dancing, singing, and inviting folks up on stage to dance with him. The warmth and quality of Diouf ‘s voice, his uniquely diverse sound, and his irresistible rhythms ensure he never has to ask twice.


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