Dulsori (Korea)


With the thunder of percussion, Dulsori celebrates the excitement, the connection, the energy of “festival”, a place where everyone’s energy combines to create a collective joy – and rekindles the special spirit of ancient Korean festival. The group could never reach a state of festivity alone, so invites you to join in and be part of the revelry.

Dulsori means “heartbeat of the land”, and to evoke that visceral connection, the group’s members beat large overhead drums, play flutes and a zither to create deep, earth-shaking rhythms alternating with beautiful music played on the traditional instruments. In Korea, outdoor farmers’ festivals would feature this playing, the sound traveling to surrounding villages. 

Dulsori’s dynamic and interactive performances aim to build harmony and unity between audience members and performers, forming a sense of accord and community. Since the beginning of Dulsori in 1984, the group has staged many different kinds of performances all over the world, based on the traditional rhythms of Korea. They have developed unique performance and interactive programs that encourage participation, connecting with the location and culture they’re visiting. Dulsori believes in creating a sense of community and understands the existence and importance of communal values in every culture.

The group’s energetic and passionate team has staged hundreds of performances, recently touring Australia, Israel, Africa and across Europe. The group also conducts workshops, classes, and camps on Korean traditional arts, open to all ages.

Listen for the drums, join in the thunder – and celebrate the timeless and universal spirit of festival, at the festival, with Dulsori.