Diyet (Yukon)


Born in a tent, raised in a two-room cabin, classically trained in opera, now an alternative folk artist – this sub-Arctic-Southern Tutchone-Japanese-Tlingit-Scottish-Yukoner is your typical Canadian, the result of a long cold winter. Diyet’s music is like her life, a mix of this and that but deeply rooted in the values of a traditional northern life.

From humble beginnings, Diyet went on to acquire a degree in music, then worked as a songwriter in Vancouver. Her songs are published in Japan, Canada and Europe. In 2010, she left the big city and returned to her hometown of Burwash Landing with the determination to chart her own musical course.  Her debut  album, The Breaking Point, went on to receive nominations for Best New Artist and Songwriter of the Year at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards in 2010 and 2011, Album of the Year at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and remained on the Canadian Aboriginal Music Countdown for 24 weeks.

In concert, Diyet engages audiences in an intimate and uplifting experience as she invites them  into a soundscape of rhythm, melody and storytelling. With a resonant voice that conveys emotion and passion, Diyet is a contemporary artist whose music leaves listeners with a sense of hope and possibility. Her lyrics paint a vivid picture of her surroundings and the happy and heartbreaking things that happen in her world. 

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