Delhi 2 Dublin


Delhi 2 Dublin (BC)

It all started as a live collaboration in 2006 at CelticFest Vancouver, when Dugg Simpson (our own esteemed former AD) put together a collaborative and cross-cultural band as a one-off performance piece called Delhi to Dublin. The sound, the energy, the mix was so well-received that requests for additional performances led to the official formation of the band Delhi 2 Dublin. The rest, as they say, is history. Hour Magazine called them “the United Nations of rock ‘n’ roll” both for their multi-ethnic membership, as well as their energetic mash-up of Bhangra, Celtic, Dub, Reggae and Electronica with global rhythms and club beats.

Today D2D play top festivals around the world, have released six albums, and remain one of Canada’s most buzzed-about bands. After all, where else are you going to see a kick-ass fiddle player rocking out with a kilt-wearing Korean flanked by two bouncing Bhangra percussionists and a vocalist who looks like he would be at home in a Bollywood music video?