Danny Michel with the Garifuna Collective


Danny Michel with the Garifuna Collective (ON & Belize)
Who can forget the 2009 festival performances of the group Umalali, the women who brought us the mesmerizing music and dance of the Garifuna people of Belize? They were the talk of the weekend, and one of the most compelling groups from that memorable festival. Now, one of Canada’s very own brings us another chance to dive into the warm Belizean cultural waters. Songwriter, musician, activist and philanthropist Danny Michel is a four-time Juno nominee who has, through numerous visits and extended recording sessions, forged a personal, emotional and musical link with Belize and the music and culture of the Garifuna people. More specifically, he’s made a deep connection with the musicians of The Garifuna Collective and legendary Stonetree Records producer Ivan Duran. Together they’ve crafted something magical, something Billboard‘s Larry LeBlanc has described as “One of the finest musical works of our time.” The album is Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me, and the people on it will be at the festival. Make sure to catch this astonishing musical collaboration live at the festival, complete with handmade Garifuna drums, turtle shells and a well-worn donkey jaw bone.