Dalannah Gail Bowen


Dalannah Gail Bowen (BC)
African-Canadian/Cherokee singer Dalannah Gail Bowen has been making music for forty years on the Canadian blues, rock and soul scene. Her style has been described as “Billie Holiday meets Howlin’ Wolf,” and she’s known for having “a truly spectacular set of pipes…Smoky. Earthy. Soulful. Powerful.” (Canadian Musician).  She is also an activist and socially conscious powerhouse. Dalannah can be found sharing her gifts and lessons via community work with people in the poorest neighborhood in Canada, the downtown eastside of Vancouver, and uses her music to make a bold statement about injustice and inequality. Over the years, she’s worked with many of the blues greats, including BB King, Joe Bonamassa, Taj Mahal, Jim Byrnes, Jerry Doucette, Steve Dawson, and others.