Copperhead (AB)

Copperhead make 21st century folk music, born not in the bucolic countryside but in downtown alleyways, with punk and acid rock peering around the corners. Helmed by the haunting melodies and smoky, soulful voice of dynamic artist and songwriter Liz Stevens, Copperhead immerse audiences in ambient, expansive soundscapes with texture and reverb. They blend swaggering rock, rusty-edged folk, and spacey instrumentation with dreamlike lyrical narratives. Formed in 2015, they’ve garnered comparisons to Cat Power and Anna Calvi. Their second album, Touch, released in 2018, showcases atmospheric, textured sound over catchy, sultry torch songs. It features the songwriting duo of Liz Stevens and guitarist Kirill Telichev. They are joined by Kane Bender on drums, Rob Smeltzer on bass, and Jamey Lougheed on baritone sax. Copperhead’s sound is one not to be missed.