Carole Pope

Carole Pope (ON)

Carole Pope’s star first burned brightly when her new wave band, Rough Trade, released the Canadian Top 40 hit High School Confidential(from “Avoid Freud”) in 1980 – and became an international sensation. The song was one of the first anthems you could dance to as your prom date decided to come out, and provided the iconic British-born Canadian rock singer-songwriter with a enthusiastic global audience. 

Ms. Pope continues in her role as an agent provocateur, pushing the boundaries of sexuality, sexual politics, and the status quo today – making you think and dance at the same time. Her explicit homoerotic and BDSM-themed lyrics made her one of the first openly lesbian entertainers to achieve mainstream fame, and her work has been recognized with three JUNO Awards, a Genie, multiple independent music awards along with one platinum and one double platinum album. 

Her EP “Music For Lesbians” showcases her wry sense of humour, with the campfire pop-folk song Lesbians in the Forestand its memorable lyric “Lets go into the forest and menstruate on a stick.” Carole keeps writing and performing with her newest single “This Is Not A Test”, showing her continued commitment to pushing boundaries.