Bustamento (Australia)


Nicholas Caruana aka Nicky Bomba is an Australian musician and singer-songwriter with a finger in a lot of musical pies. One of his projects is Bustamento, originally a coming-together of some of his musical cohorts from other bands and some new collaborators to play mento music, a style of acoustic Jamaican folk music that influenced ska and reggae.

After one release and a tour around the world, the band added some new flavours they’d encountered on their travels to their musical mix for a second recording. To a reggae and steel pan calypso base, they incorporated elements of other sounds: Motown, pop, New Orleans boogie, tons of groove … well, let’s just say that boundaries were no obstacle to their creative connecting. There is a lot to savour in Bustamento’s cross-cultural kitchen.

Bomba and the band are in it for the pure joy of making music, playing together, and making people happy. This assured group of musical mates and intrepid travellers invites us along on their light-hearted around the world musical adventures.