Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton


Blind Boy Paxton (US)

While Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton may have grown up in Los Angeles, his deep southern Creole roots shape his music. Paxton was immersed in Cajun and country blues sounds at a young age through the songs his grandma used to sing, along with a raft of 78 records. He fell in love with early 1930s music, and made that music and era his own. He has the style and the flair of the quintessential bluesman, with a penchant for the sartorial.  Paxton is a true entertainer – humorous with dazzling wit, a poet and a terrific storyteller. He embodies 21st Century blues, including the Piedmont tradition, ragtime, country and swamp blues. A virtuoso on guitar, banjo, piano, harmonica and violin among other instrument, he’s been called “the most sensational newcomer in the blues in many years”. For a chance to see the real deal in action, don’t miss this man.