Beans on Toast

Beans on Toast (UK)


Beans on Toast, aka Jay McAllister, is an Essex, UK-based singer-songwriter and a modern day one-man band who makes his VFMF debut at this year’s festival.

Jay sings of both the mundane and the vitally important, of outrage and love, of struggle and satisfaction, sometimes dripping with sarcasm, often with his tongue firmly in his cheek. He rails against war, commercialisation and factory chickens. He is not shy about the liberal employment of the f-word, tells a good tale, and shares his no-holds-barred social commentary from an everyday point of view: thoughtful, fascinating, and often hilarious.

He’s has crafted six studio albums, by practice releasing one a year on his December 1st birthday – the latest is The Grand Scheme of Things. He’s played Glastonbury almost every year, and gathered a substantive following (sometimes described as a “cult”) on both sides of the Atlantic.

Political and outspoken, humourous, sweet, and life-affirming – here is a festival break-out hit in the wings.