Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf



“Andy Shauf is slowly but surely becoming recognized as one of Canada’s best young folk singer-songwriters” (Exclaim!).

Known for delivering goose bump inducing, pin-drop quiet performances, Andy Sauf is a gifted musical storyteller with an understated but captivating presence. Channeling heartbreak, bittersweet regret, and prairie isolation, Shauf is a purveyor of melodic, richly textured, chamber-folk-pop.

His recording, The Party — a sumptuously ’70s-styled soft-pop opus built around a set of sensitively drawn vignettes from the awkward end of a house party where no one, it seems, is having a good time and one guy actually keels over dead after swearing off cigarettes for life — arrived to rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and an eventual spot on the Polaris Music Prize short list.

There’s depth here, and a sense that whatever Shauf does or wherever he goes, the results will be endlessly fascinating.