Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen (Québec)


Three years ago and three albums into a career that began with his 1998 self-titled debut, Adam Cohen decided that he and the music biz should call it quits. Talked into giving it one last go, he released Like A Man in 2011 – an elegant, intimate beauty of a record his dad, Leonard Cohen, described as an album of “world class love songs”. A critical and commercial success, it brought Adam a gold album, a long world tour, and anticipation for the next recording.

After an aborted attempt at a follow up he didn’t feel was honest, he made We Go Home, his fifth album – recorded at various of his homes: on Hydra in Greece, in Montreal. The songs speak for themselves, but also reflect conversations Cohen has had with his dad and his son, and about love. Cohen recorded a personal reflection of what is on his mind, what is important to him. It has a full, rich tone, honesty, tenderness, and some self-deprecating humour.

We see the artist in the midst of what looks to be a major tour. Having found his voice, he’s speaking out about what is essential in his life – his roots, family, home, and ultimately ‘knowing thyself.’

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