A Familia Machado

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2018

A Familia Machado (BC / Brazil)

Virtuoso Brazilian guitarist, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Celso Machado, is considered one of the most versatile and exciting musicians and composers of Brazilian music around today. He is renowned as animaginative and expressive performer of Brazilian folkloric and popular styles, interpreted with a range of his own influences – he’s especially fascinated by other world music traditions. While Celso’s music is rooted in Brazilian rhythmic and melodic styles, he finds similarities between the music of southern Italy and northeast Brazil, the Egyptian Maqsoum and the Brazilian Baião rhythm, the Moroccan Gnawa rhythm and Afoxé and Samba. Celso incorporates these variations into his own sound; his own unique contribution to the ongoing evolution of Brazilian music.

From his adopted home base in Vancouver Celso has, for decades, brought the richness and diversity of his Brazilian-based music to audiences all over the world, including the stage of this very festival.

And this year, not only do we get to hear and see Celso in the park again, he is sharing a couple members of his extraordinarily talented family with us. From Sao Paolo, we welcome Celso’s brother Filó Machado. For more than fifty years, Filó has worked as asinger, multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, keyboards and percussion), composer, arranger, and producer. He’s recorded 13 CDs and garnered a Grammy nomination in the “Best Latin Jazz Album” category. He is, like Celso, a stunning guitarist, leaning more to the influences of jazz and MPB (musica populeira Brazilera) than his brother.

And if that wasn’t enough, Filo’s teenaged grandson, Felipe, who has been lovingly mentored by Filo from a young age, will be joining them – along with renowned Toronto percussionist, Alan Hetherington.

This promises to be a very special family reunion, brought to us with the assistance at our friends at the Harrison Festival of the Arts.