2019 Volunteers

We love our volunteers

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is proud of building a unique collaboration between the artists, the audience, and the volunteers. We have 1400+ volunteers who are the heart and soul of the Festivals operations. They feed all our volunteers, staff, and artists; work toward a 0% waste environment on site; greet, guide and support 40,000+ guests into and in the park; perform the technical set-up; run of all of the performance stages throughout the Festival; and so much more! Their dedication to community, creativity, and connection is what makes this Festival go ‘round. The volunteer contribution to the greater arts ecology of the city is what helps make us Vancouver’s “Best Music Festival”, and we couldn’t be more proud of them all. We are listing every one of our volunteers and their committees here – please take a moment to look over the list in acknowledgement for all their efforts!

Petrice Brett, Volunteer Coordinator

Abilee Danielson Accessibility
Aiden Fisher-Lang Accessibility
Alina Gonzalez Accessibility
Alireza Paziraei Accessibility
Allie Peloquin Accessibility
Andrew Kim Accessibility
Austin Smoroden Accessibility
Avital Jarus-Hakak Accessibility
Bonnie Fabian Accessibility
Caroline Penn Accessibility
christopher ruedy Accessibility
Ellie Pilling Accessibility
Emily Mittertreiner Accessibility
Erika Lind Accessibility
Gina Faigen Accessibility
Joanna Hector Accessibility
Joanne Thompson Accessibility
Karen Van Biesen Accessibility
Kat Vanderlinden Accessibility
Kay Burgess Accessibility
Keegan Chen Accessibility
Laurisse Noel Accessibility
Lenora Hayman Accessibility
Lindsay  Klein Accessibility
Lisa Casagrande Accessibility
Mac Walsh Accessibility
Marcia Smith Accessibility
Nadine Wilk Accessibility
Nathalie Leveille Accessibility
Reese Smeltzer Accessibility
Robbie Bezati Accessibility
Rosemary Perry Accessibility
Sahar Dashti Accessibility
Sammy Fogel Accessibility
Sara Frankenberger Accessibility
Sara Grujin Accessibility
Simone Gruenig Accessibility
Sneha Shankar Accessibility
Stephen Blaxland Accessibility
Stephen Pringle Accessibility
Tal Jarus-Hakak Accessibility
Theresa Clark Accessibility
Tina Mathieu Accessibility
Zachary Wirth Accessibility
Bernie Tague Accessibility-Consultant
Merle Smith Accessibility-Consultant
Marcia Doherty Accessibility-Neighbour Liaison
Andrea Finlay Accessibility-Security
Cynthia Brooke Accessibility-Security
Donna Dykeman Accessibility-Security
Erica Mulder Accessibility-Security
Gillian Chandler Accessibility-Security
Heather Burgess Accessibility-Security
Heather Heit Accessibility-Security
Heather Molloy Accessibility-Security
James Boak Accessibility-Security
Kate McIntyre Accessibility-Security
Kyan Caldwell Accessibility-Security
Michael Ages Accessibility-Security
Michelle Hamilton-Page Accessibility-Security
Nicole Germain Accessibility-Security
Peggy Lee Accessibility-Security
Ryan Power Accessibility-Security
Susan Lee Accessibility-Security
Ashraf Amlani Administration
Cindy Jiang Administration
Jesse Brint Administration
Katherine Ruffen Administration
Sonja Embree Administration
Stephen Price Administration
Alice Fleerackers Artist Check in
Amanda-Rae Hergesheimer Artist Check in
Amy Williams Artist Check in
Caitlin Stanley Artist Check in
Devin O'Gorman Artist Check in
Emma van Tol Artist Check in
Erin Speller Artist Check in
Hayley  Gordon Artist Check in
Jennifer  Watts Artist Check in
Kathryn Booth Artist Check in
Luana Simons Artist Check in
Michelle Wesanko Artist Check in
Sam Hood Artist Check in
Sarah Akhtar Artist Check in
Alice Wu Arts & Community Villages
avery muskeyn Arts & Community Villages
Brittany Harris Arts & Community Villages
Caroline Inglis Arts & Community Villages
Charlotte Cavalie Arts & Community Villages
Emma Bruce Arts & Community Villages
Emma O'Flynn Arts & Community Villages
Gray Bonner Arts & Community Villages
Jacqueline Laane Arts & Community Villages
Jai Arun Arts & Community Villages
Jill Romanko Arts & Community Villages
Joanna Kucia Arts & Community Villages
Lauren Jennings Arts & Community Villages
Lisa Treutler Arts & Community Villages
Mike Safoniuk Arts & Community Villages
Naomi Armstrong Arts & Community Villages
Andrew Beason Backstage Lounge
Ashleigh Gibbs Backstage Lounge
Carmelle Soliman Backstage Lounge
David Tracey Backstage Lounge
Don Woods Backstage Lounge
France Harvey Backstage Lounge
Gabriella Klein Backstage Lounge
Iris Paluly Backstage Lounge
Jenny Rose Backstage Lounge
Jesse Wiebe Backstage Lounge
Jesus Aguilo-Lopez Backstage Lounge
Kelly Wakeford Backstage Lounge
Laurel McGregor Backstage Lounge
Lianne Noiseux Backstage Lounge
Louise Peterson Backstage Lounge
Patricia Kramer Backstage Lounge
Peggy-Sue Gilbert Backstage Lounge
Rebecca Love Backstage Lounge
Todd Rioux Backstage Lounge
Tracy New Backstage Lounge
Tracy Withrow Backstage Lounge
Adrian Ruigrok Beer Garden
Alannah Johnston Beer Garden
Angela McLaughlin Beer Garden
Ashley van der Pouw Kraan Beer Garden
Beth Peddle Beer Garden
Candra Rolfe Beer Garden
Caresse Selk Beer Garden
Cat Paul Beer Garden
Ciaran O’Hanrahan Beer Garden
Cindi Mercer Beer Garden
Daniel Myles Beer Garden
Elise Hall-Meyer Beer Garden
Ellen Karren Beer Garden
Gene Logan Beer Garden
Graham Jordan Beer Garden
Heather Klassen Beer Garden
Jamie Boyle Beer Garden
Jeff Rothman Beer Garden
Jenni Marchal Beer Garden
Jo kelly Beer Garden
Jordan Quon Beer Garden
Jordana Smith Beer Garden
Julia Bartley Beer Garden
Katarina Petrovic Beer Garden
Katie Berezan Beer Garden
Katie Stenning Beer Garden
Kelly Megyesi Beer Garden
Lauralee Lamarche Beer Garden
Lauren Hauszner Beer Garden
Leo Aitken Beer Garden
Lisa Dekleer Beer Garden
Liz Bartley Beer Garden
Lizzy Barry Beer Garden
Matthew Naylor Beer Garden
Megan Yawney Beer Garden
Melanie Bauer Beer Garden
Michelle Jennings Beer Garden
Mike Berezowski Beer Garden
Paula O’Sullivan Beer Garden
Provost  Fernandes Beer Garden
Rhiannon Murphy Beer Garden
Sadie Ralph Beer Garden
Samantha Francey Beer Garden
Sujin Lee Beer Garden
Veronica Grocott Beer Garden
Wesley Klassen Beer Garden
Will Schwenger Beer Garden
Zehra Karachiwala Beer Garden
Benjamin Dupuis Bikes
Calum Bente Bikes
Cheryl Sanderson Bikes
Christopher Kubinski Bikes
Deborah Bender Bikes
Eric Baxendale Bikes
Gillian Bubb Bikes
Hayley Wright Bikes
Heather Shay Bikes
Michael Read Bikes
Nicki  Sims-Jones Bikes
Robin Tivy Bikes
Sarah Chang Bikes
Tom Campbell Bikes
Warren Bente Bikes
Zachary Bender Bikes
Aashish Goyal Box Office Admin
Akanksha  Aggarwal Box Office Admin
Ann Barber Box Office Admin
Anna Kramer Box Office Admin
Betsy  Spaulding Box Office Admin
Calvin Wharton Box Office Admin
Carolyn Hateley Box Office Admin
David Griffiths Box Office Admin
Dennis McCrossan Box Office Admin
Gabi de Oliveira Box Office Admin
Gia Dang Box Office Admin
Helen Vuu Box Office Admin
Hollie Griffin Box Office Admin
Janet Hall Box Office Admin
Joanna Gower Box Office Admin
Jody Hall Box Office Admin
Larry Morningstar Box Office Admin
Laurie MacNeill Box Office Admin
Leonie Fuchs Box Office Admin
Lorenz von Fersen Box Office Admin
Lynette Larsen Box Office Admin
Maria José Beck Buttedahl Box Office Admin
Mary Markwick Box Office Admin
Morna McLeod Box Office Admin
Neha Srivastava Box Office Admin
Raphael Klensch Box Office Admin
Sandy McMillan Box Office Admin
Wendy Morrison Box Office Admin
YECHAN KIM Box Office Admin
Yvonne  Stewart Box Office Admin
Yvonne Mclean Box Office Admin
zoey Cho Box Office Admin
Carla Mandy Box Office Site
Gerrit Van Rensburg Box Office Site
Gillian Worley Box Office Site
Ingrid  Van Kemenade Box Office Site
Jackie Primeau Box Office Site
Jamie Rich Box Office Site
Jean-Philipe Wilmshurst Box Office Site
Jennie Milligan Box Office Site
John Sullivan Box Office Site
Jolie Wist Box Office Site
Junie Howie Box Office Site
Lilliana Babic Box Office Site
Lucy Pottinger Box Office Site
Nathan Hayward Box Office Site
Sindy Zelezen Box Office Site
Veronica Maynard Box Office Site
Amy Olson CD Tent
Angelica  Largo CD Tent
Barry Latimer CD Tent
Debra Carr CD Tent
Devon Francis CD Tent
Don Betts CD Tent
Edward Walton CD Tent
Graham Wong CD Tent
Jack Noble CD Tent
Jenna Sadko CD Tent
Kathy Woolverton CD Tent
Peter Lambert CD Tent
Stew Woolverton CD Tent
Alexandra Greenberg Community
Anna Chen Community
Anna Loginova Community
Anna Vander Munnik Community
David Ball Community
Debora Oliveira Community
Dharma Aguilar Community
Dieter Eichler Community
Dominika Svec Community
Emily Tennant Community
Gala Munoz Community
Giovanni Serraglio Community
Hanif Mohamed Community
Jayenna Dall Community
Joffrey  Batten Community
Kaede Kono Community
Lefty Alaei Tafti Community
Lucas Eichler Community
Mackenzie Jones Community
Mary Bennett Community
Megha  Gupta Community
Mya Davidson Community
Nadja Thanner Community
Nicola Cox Community
Robin Livingstone Community
Sam Wade Community
Sarah Ouimette Community
Serenc Idare Community
Tali Chester Community
Trung Truong Community
Val Barone Community
Waldek Trafidlo Community
Yannick Schieve Community
Charles Wright Customer Service-Neighborhood
Gerri McKee Customer Service-Neighborhood
Keta Kosman Customer Service-Neighborhood
Miriam Caplan Customer Service-Neighborhood
Nicole Revel Customer Service-Neighborhood
Elinor Warkentin Decorations
Kara Song Decorations
Katie Koralesky Decorations
Ray McGill Decorations
Yuko Baljak Decorations
Anika  Vervecken Donations
Gail  Screaton Donations
Kirstin Shaw Donations
Marion Gariepy Donations
Shelley Martin Donations
Alan Creighton-Kelly Environment
Aleah Wielinga Environment
Alexis Fonsale Environment
Alistair  Pavlik Environment
Bahar Imanlou Environment
Baris Uzel Environment
Brandon Kieft Environment
Brian W Environment
Carlota Rodriguez Ruiz Environment
Carolayne Kenney Environment
Casey Wallace Environment
Cecilia Sanchez Navarro Silva Environment
Christian Forner Environment
Clara Gioia Environment
Corissa Ducharme Environment
Cristobal Jara Environment
Cynthia Laliberte Environment
Danny Shin Environment
Denis Trinh Environment
Dimitri Kirchner Environment
Erin Hanratty Environment
Eyal Lebel Environment
Fuhar Dixit Environment
Garam Shin Environment
Hannah MacDonald Environment
Henry Kanjobe Mwandemere Environment
Hilal Savas Environment
Iris Kim Environment
Ivonne Cortes Environment
Jada Uppal Environment
Jasmeet Singh Environment
Jezebel Crop Eared Wolf Environment
Jia Dwyer Environment
Jodi Fortune Environment
Kailey Henderson Environment
Kayla Chutter Environment
Kiara Burasee Environment
Laura S Environment
Laurie Strocel Environment
Laurie Yu Environment
Leah Wallace Environment
Lisa Baribeau Environment
Lulz Benavds Environment
Malika  Bindra Environment
Maria Siminiuc-Launeanu Environment
Marion Bregeon Environment
Maxine French Environment
Michele Provenzano Environment
Mireille Rosner Environment
Montse Oliver Environment
Myles Clarke Environment
Oda Schioetz Environment
Parham Zarei Environment
Rhiannon Colvin Environment
Rini Kothari Environment
Rob Alder Environment
Russell Kanim Environment
Satomi Seki Environment
Seina Wada Environment
Sharon Smiley Environment
Shubh Jain Environment
Stewart Jeromson Environment
Tasha Jurca Environment
Thomas Bevan Environment
Tyra Uppal Environment
Warren Harshenin Environment
Yijia Xu Environment
Alexa Bennett Fox Festival Merchandise
Amanda Underwood Festival Merchandise
Ashley Tran Festival Merchandise
Brent Kane Festival Merchandise
Christina Needham Festival Merchandise
Forest Svendgard-Lang Festival Merchandise
Geddes Wells Festival Merchandise
Kristiina  Vataja Festival Merchandise
Laurie Bogner Festival Merchandise
Lucy Layton Festival Merchandise
Maggie Firebaugh Festival Merchandise
Margery Pazdor Festival Merchandise
Marie Brown Festival Merchandise
Matina Spiropoulos Festival Merchandise
Michael Kahn Festival Merchandise
Sophia Lang Festival Merchandise
Sydney Devlin Festival Merchandise
Angela Farry Folk Bazaar
Bella Yong Folk Bazaar
Chiara Pedemonte Folk Bazaar
Ellen Johnston Folk Bazaar
Emma Li Folk Bazaar
Frank Vannevel Folk Bazaar
Mars MacEachern Folk Bazaar
Nick Zargarnezhad Folk Bazaar
Sabrina LaFrance Folk Bazaar
Anicca Chinniah Food Vendor Support
Anne-Claire Brunner Food Vendor Support
Dave Olsen Food Vendor Support
Martin Haridge Food Vendor Support
Adrian Rigby Gate
Alannah New-Small Gate
Andrea Jevcak Gate
Andrea Santos Gate
Angela Batten Gate
Anne Midzain Gate
Annelies Yates Gate
Annie Goodwyne Gate
Arlene Belcastro Gate
Barra Kunz Gate
Brooke Taylor Gate
Christopher Stephenson Gate
Daisy Goggs Gate
Daisy Jiang Gate
Daune Campbell Gate
David Bell Gate
Debra Neal Gate
Emma Chester Gate
Eric Schwartz Gate
Erin Fleming Gate
Gary Jarvis Gate
Gary Lange Gate
Grace Grace Gate
Grace Shaw Gate
Heather McKenzie Gate
Helen Pham Gate
Inessa Baustad Oostindie Gate
Jackson Esworthy Gate
Janice Lew Gate
Jason Currier Gate
Jason Shi Gate
jenna baumgartner Gate
Jo gursel Gate
Jody-Ann Edman Gate
Juhee Kim Gate
Julia Mei Gate
Kenneth Hunter Gate
Len Martin Gate
Linda Bierbrier Gate
Lorna MacDougall Gate
Lydia Querengesser Gate
Maddi Malone Gate
Marley Smiles Gate
Marni Lalonde Gate
Mia Goodman Gate
Nikki Quintal Gate
Nola Wuttunee Gate
Rasha Gad Gate
Rita McAllen Gate
Sadie Tennant Gate
Sandra Walton Gate
Seamus Sullivan Gate
Simone Sangster Gate
Stef Green Gate
Sylvia Li Gate
Tom Barker Gate
Valerie Ross Gate
Samantha Kannegieter Gate Lottery
Art Moses Gatekeepers
Ben Geldreich Gatekeepers
Betty Lou Phillips Gatekeepers
Brooklyn Marie Gatekeepers
Flavie Dufrenne Gatekeepers
Janet Smith Gatekeepers
Rose Wood Gatekeepers
Shelley Lobel Gatekeepers
Suzanne  Fournier Gatekeepers
William Edbrooke Gatekeepers
Alejandra Lopez Bravo Green Room
Bennett Arsenault Green Room
Eugene Kung Green Room
Karen Robertson Green Room
Katherine Ritchie Green Room
Laura Parker-Jervis Green Room
Lule Abbay Green Room
Maddy Laberge Green Room
Patrick Boyle Green Room
Ryan Hunter Green Room
Vanessa-Kayala Violini Green Room
Allie Pev Hotel Hospitality
Branwyn Holroyd Hotel Hospitality
Catherine Fallis Hotel Hospitality
Debara Wood Hotel Hospitality
Gary Munsterman Hotel Hospitality
Heba Yousuf Hotel Hospitality
Jezabel Poirier Hotel Hospitality
Lilo Wang Hotel Hospitality
Lindsey Lorence Hotel Hospitality
Paola Quiros Hotel Hospitality
Pearl kim Hotel Hospitality
Abegael Fisher-Lang Information Booth
Brenda von Holtum Information Booth
Britta Eschete Information Booth
Christina Price Information Booth
Darren Jones Information Booth
Elspeth Banerd Information Booth
Grace Jones Information Booth
Heather Strange Information Booth
Jordana Corenblum Information Booth
Karen de Haan Information Booth
Laura Morrison Information Booth
Logan Trudeau Information Booth
Merrilee Miller Information Booth
Michael  Matte Information Booth
Mo Whalen Information Booth
Sherri Sadler Information Booth
Valerie Alberts Information Booth
Andy McKay Instrument Storage
Bruce Thorpe Instrument Storage
Dave Thomson Instrument Storage
David Bodhi  Adam Instrument Storage
Dennis Scott Instrument Storage
Edna Leyland Instrument Storage
Emily McKay Instrument Storage
Joe Markovitch Instrument Storage
Joel Bronstein Instrument Storage
John Arthur Instrument Storage
Michelle Horel Instrument Storage
Valerie Clark Instrument Storage
Andrea Mcleod Inventory
Donna Finch Inventory
Douglas Sprenger Inventory
Katherine Rau Inventory
Kim John Inventory
Lesley Semenoff Inventory
Mike Reid Inventory
Nessa Bell Inventory
Paul Finch Inventory
Pete Williams Inventory
Scott McLeod Inventory
Amelia Rajala Kitchen
Amy Chu Kitchen
Angela Cable Kitchen
Audrey Morin Beaulieu Kitchen
Breanne Hickey Kitchen
Bruce Thorson Kitchen
Bryan Tisdale Kitchen
C.J. Fee Kitchen
Caitlin Atkinson Kitchen
Caitlin Midgley Kitchen
Claire Chester Kitchen
Clare Cullen Kitchen
Cody Krajic Kitchen
Diana Jula Kitchen
Diana Kulikova Kitchen
Diego Bochornos Kitchen
Elvina Balcyte Kitchen
Fabiana Rakotovao Kitchen
Flynn Dixon Murdock Kitchen
Heather Dunbar Kitchen
Hugh Morrison Kitchen
Irina  Rakotovao Kitchen
Iris Fan Kitchen
Jonathan Elmer Kitchen
Judy Richards Kitchen
Justin Allk Kitchen
Katarina Neuvonen Kitchen
Keith Freeman Kitchen
Kennedy Shah Kitchen
Lori Martin Kitchen
Lucina Rakotovao Kitchen
Mars  Wijesinghe Kitchen
Martha Guizar Kitchen
Maya Mersereau-Liem Kitchen
Oliver Batten Kitchen
Owen Quinn Kitchen
Sarah Chester Kitchen
Sharon Fehrmann-McLean Kitchen
Shiraz Ramji Kitchen
Spencer Lindsay Kitchen
Stanley Sia Kitchen
Thea Sample Kitchen
Wendy McCarter Kitchen
Yayoi Woods Kitchen
Yingjie Wang Kitchen
Yuki Torigata Kitchen
Yza Medeiros Kitchen
Adrian Hordyk Labour Pool
Albert Burlin Abi Smith Labour Pool
Ian Mass Labour Pool
Jadie Hill Labour Pool
Khiet Minh Dang Labour Pool
Loreena Dobson Labour Pool
Maeve Murphy Labour Pool
Magdalen Plater Labour Pool
Mark Frank Labour Pool
Natassja Eigl Labour Pool
Nicole Kelly Labour Pool
Sam Lacey Labour Pool
Saskia Crass Labour Pool
Adelaide Terrien Lanterns
Aerin Hack Lanterns
Alison Klein Lanterns
Ash Clement-Thorne Lanterns
Cecilia Splendiferous Lanterns
Chloe Packer Lanterns
Emilie Dehoubert Lanterns
Ermine DelliCarpini Lanterns
Hayley Monroe Lanterns
Heather Reynolds Lanterns
Jacquie Rolston Lanterns
Jeanie Sebastian Lanterns
Leah Price Lanterns
Lin Ho-You Lanterns
Mayari Rodriguez Lanterns
Mitch Bernhardt Lanterns
Natasha Gough Lanterns
Nick Biden Lanterns
Pia Massie Lanterns
Rosanne Gervais Lanterns
Shannon Squires Lanterns
Willis Monroe Lanterns
Adam Davison Little Folks
Alan Russell Little Folks
Anais Howes Little Folks
Ayla Maxwell Little Folks
Claire Beans Little Folks
Diane Selkirk Little Folks
Dinah Hassrick Little Folks
Erica Forkheim Little Folks
Erin Donoghue Brooke Little Folks
Frances Suski Little Folks
Isabel Jankowski Little Folks
Jasmine Piao Little Folks
Jehanne El Mrabet Little Folks
Julia Morris Little Folks
Karen Clare Little Folks
Katherine Lienhard Little Folks
Katy Exton Little Folks
Kendall McSweeney Little Folks
Kerry Higgins Little Folks
Leigh Selden Little Folks
Maddie Britnell Little Folks
Margie Sanderson Little Folks
Mari Piggott Little Folks
Mikalyn Trinca Colonel Little Folks
Narissa Wall Little Folks
Rachel Rosenberg Little Folks
Rose George Little Folks
Ryan Bevelander Little Folks
Sarah Ellis Little Folks
Svitlana Tetokina Little Folks
Teresa Porter Little Folks
Christa Giles MADSKILLZ
Claudia Garcia MADSKILLZ
Julian Fernandes MADSKILLZ
Kevin Mittertreiner MADSKILLZ
Monica Pereira MADSKILLZ
Monica Trejbal MADSKILLZ
Robyn Murray MADSKILLZ
Joy Ong Massage
Kate Ashlea Massage
Lissy Salt Massage
Marnie Chonka Massage
Meghan Kerr Massage
Naomi Kajiwara Massage
Nienke Van Hasselt Massage
Alex MacLennan Media
Bronwyn Bailey Media
Chloe Lai Media
Chris Little Media
Glen Young Media
Heather MacLennan Media
Kate Bilney Media
Louise Kelaher Media
Lynda Gerty Media
Meg Ida Media
Neil Parker Media
Praveen Sandhu Media
Robert Kuropatwa Media
Ron Stewart Media
Shana Gill Media
Yee Chan Media
Alan McMeekin Mentorship Program
Anneka Tracey Mentorship Program
Ashki Shkur Mentorship Program
Ashley Lock Mentorship Program
Avery Davidson Mentorship Program
Camille Dixon Murdock Mentorship Program
Claire Georg Mentorship Program
Cristina Capitanio Mentorship Program
Elias Breidford Mentorship Program
Emily-Rose Unger Mentorship Program
Emonil (Emo) Dong Mentorship Program
Erin Mateescu Mentorship Program
Isabelle  Russell Mentorship Program
Jemima Paul -Balogun Mentorship Program
Joaquin Garcia Mentorship Program
Lena Fox Mentorship Program
Lola Rabinovitch Mentorship Program
Lucy Undem Mentorship Program
Malka Martz-Oberlander Mentorship Program
Max Biermann Mentorship Program
Nomi Spivak Mentorship Program
Nora Pape Mentorship Program
Ribka Purwoko Mentorship Program
Ronan Light Mentorship Program
Rowan Roodenburg Mentorship Program
Serena Lee Mentorship Program
Serena Rothe Mentorship Program
Sicily Fu Mentorship Program
Zoe Klein-Johnson Mentorship Program
Anneke Van Vliet Office
Joe Tannenbaum Office
Kathi Cross Office
Christine Thuring Operations Support
David Firman Operations Support
Dawn Mollerup Operations Support
Rachelle Murray Operations Support
Andree Faucher Outreach Events
Frances Kirson Outreach Events
Ray Lai Outreach Events
Brooke Erickson Party
Cheryl McLachlan-Spencer Party
Tall Mark Party
Alexander Daughtry Performer Transport
Alexis Tennent Performer Transport
Alisa Levenstein Performer Transport
Allison Jones Performer Transport
Amy Russell Performer Transport
Aneeta Dastoor Performer Transport
Angela Foraaunet Performer Transport
Ben Aberle Performer Transport
Brenda Wemp Performer Transport
Carissa Geddes Performer Transport
Carl DeVouge Performer Transport
Carmen Dennis Performer Transport
CED Lurtz Performer Transport
Cloelle Vernon Performer Transport
Edwin Ng'ang'a Performer Transport
Frank York Performer Transport
Fred Lincoln Performer Transport
Gail Langton Performer Transport
Hazel Stevenson Performer Transport
Jack MacDermot Performer Transport
Jody Benson Performer Transport
Joshua Chan Performer Transport
Kirsten Andrews Performer Transport
Laura Ansley Performer Transport
Laurie MacLean Performer Transport
Lesley Stalker Performer Transport
Marina Princz Performer Transport
Melissa Martin Performer Transport
Michael Richen Performer Transport
Michele Smith Performer Transport
Mikey Guinness Performer Transport
Neilio Giesbrecht Performer Transport
Paul MacDermot Performer Transport
Peter Norton Performer Transport
Rachel Fehr Performer Transport
Robyn Homeniuk Performer Transport
Scott Richen Performer Transport
Spaceman Marchant Performer Transport
Steve Benson Performer Transport
Susan Mellor Performer Transport
Terry Carvajal Performer Transport
Thomas Messent Performer Transport
Thomas Shum Performer Transport
Tyler Abbey Performer Transport
Vanessa Pickering Performer Transport
Vaughn Tapella Performer Transport
Bob New Photography
Clayton Wong Photography
Emile  Scott Photography
Erik Price Photography
Heather Adair Photography
Jamie Poh Photography
Jasmine Sallay-Carrington Photography
Joshua Wright Photography
Leah Villalobos Photography
Martin Wright Photography
Mike Swallow Photography
Shirley Lange Photography
Yuliya Badayeva Photography
May Lin Privy Council
Phia Halpenny Privy Council
Phyllis Lin Privy Council
Rochelle Ferrer Privy Council
Sofia Farah Privy Council
Wassan Stead Privy Council
Amanda Aguilo-Lopez Raffle
Bishop Carasquero Raffle
Douglas Gook Raffle
Dyalla Popatia Raffle
Dylan Cohen Raffle
Emma Jones Raffle
Genia Ainsworth Raffle
Jennifer Steele Raffle
Jodi Crawford Raffle
John McIlhone Raffle
Kaliyana Chambers Raffle
Maia Donahue Raffle
Mary Bacchus Raffle
Megan Shackelford Raffle
Philip Wright Raffle
Polly Cotgrave Raffle
Rosalind  Sadowski Raffle
Tabriz Popatia Raffle
Talia Udsen Raffle
Vania Mello Raffle
Cloe Clayton Security
Dharana Needham Security
Harpal Manhas Security
Julie Zhi Security
Kaleigh Dunlop Security
Lily Baker Security
Matthew Price Security
Najla Tanuri Security
Natalie Godfrey Security
Sam Mustone Security
Star Taptoona Security
Tom Akoluk Security
Zorida  Sanchez Security
Alex Couture-Beil SECURITY G
Amine Djelloul SECURITY G
Annika White SECURITY G
Bonnie Riley SECURITY G
Chan Burasee SECURITY G
Crystal Bewza SECURITY G
Eric Urquhart SECURITY G
Flora Purcell SECURITY G
Gaye Ferguson SECURITY G
Hamid Elmi rad SECURITY G
Iain Ferguson SECURITY G
Iain McCarthy SECURITY G
Jennifer Kirkey SECURITY G
Kevin Stewart SECURITY G
Laurie Reid SECURITY G
Lindsay Hinrichsen SECURITY G
Marie Ingram SECURITY G
Melissa McDowell SECURITY G
Meredith  Soer SECURITY G
Nick  Braybrooke SECURITY G
Nicole Haman SECURITY G
Randi Gurholt-Seary SECURITY G
Ratiba Benmouhoub SECURITY G
Stephanie McCarthy SECURITY G
Whitney Friesen SECURITY G
Alanna Crop Eared Wolf SECURITY I
Alicia Heads SECURITY I
Alison McKend SECURITY I
Aria Poutanen SECURITY I
Calvin Toderian SECURITY I
Christina Saimoto SECURITY I
Christine Armour SECURITY I
Darcye Cuff SECURITY I
David Boehm SECURITY I
David Steiner SECURITY I
Dierdre Bradshaw SECURITY I
Geoff Keong SECURITY I
Hayley  Toderian SECURITY I
Hendrik Beune SECURITY I
Hilary Lennon SECURITY I
Ivar Vasara SECURITY I
James Tigchelaar SECURITY I
Janet McQueen SECURITY I
Kaayla Tomlyn SECURITY I
Kaitlin Dion SECURITY I
Katherine Yurkovich SECURITY I
Kristjan Vasara SECURITY I
Leanne  Anderson SECURITY I
Michael Dunn SECURITY I
Mike Zarowny SECURITY I
Nigel Strike SECURITY I
Tim Straubinger SECURITY I
Vincent Lecerf SECURITY I
Carley Rose SECURITY N
Danielle McCallum SECURITY N
Gustavo Guerrero SECURITY N
Hilary Hall SECURITY N
Jackie Barone SECURITY N
Karen La Pointe SECURITY N
Katherine Rose SECURITY N
Leah Rasmussen SECURITY N
Lisa Ackerman SECURITY N
Michael Winters SECURITY N
Miranda Ting SECURITY N
Roozbeh Mehrabadi SECURITY N
Sandra Waddle SECURITY N
Steven Schwabl SECURITY N
Alex Cederlund SECURITY P
Jae Kingston SECURITY P
Johnny Anderson SECURITY P
Renate Herberger SECURITY P
Smurf callaghan SECURITY P
Cindy Hildebrant SECURITY R
Gabriel Carvajal SECURITY R
Jaye Lemmon SECURITY R
Johnathan  Kinash SECURITY R
Matthias Six SECURITY R
Anna Holubowicz SECURITY X
Arely Rodriguez SECURITY X
Astrid Opsetmoen SECURITY X
Bettina Pinzl SECURITY X
Clive Langton SECURITY X
Dan Moscrip SECURITY X
Edward Stringer SECURITY X
Felix Hemming SECURITY X
Frank Abbott SECURITY X
George Ritmeester SECURITY X
Helen Allen SECURITY X
Myriam Fisher SECURITY X
Nelly de Rooy SECURITY X
Richard Dennis SECURITY X
Sherry May Van Der Horst SECURITY X
Soli Soliman SECURITY X
William Cross SECURITY X
Yvonne Ritmeester SECURITY X
Bonnie Ellerbeck SECURITY Z
Brian Bednar SECURITY Z
Chris Murphy SECURITY Z
Christine Cheveldave SECURITY Z
dedeker Rondeau SECURITY Z
Heather Mildvan SECURITY Z
Jeanie Steernberg SECURITY Z
John Pottinger SECURITY Z
Leaha Bednar SECURITY Z
Lori Schlechtleitner SECURITY Z
Margo Running SECURITY Z
Mary Stratakos SECURITY Z
Riley Ragan SECURITY Z
Steven Dewitte SECURITY Z
Susan Stevens SECURITY Z
Carmen Poetschke Signs
Jasmine Hopfe Signs
Obi-Wan Baggins Signs
Tracy Kuo Signs
Zenas Hopfe Signs
Sarina de Havelyn SPECIAL EVENTS
Luciano Bruschetta Special Events Fundraising
Toni Serofin Special Events Fundraising
Alan Zisman Stage
Amanda Barchard Stage
Andy Sandberg Stage
Anne Daroussin Stage
Barry Warne Stage
Carol  Lo Stage
Caryn Hamm Stage
Cathy Mason Stage
Chris Brown Stage
Chris Grant Stage
Colin Young Stage
Craig  Carpenter Stage
Cristina Bunino Stage
Daniela Kaplan Stage
David Cowling Stage
Douglas Ramsay Stage
Dusty Barth Stage
Emily Christensen Stage
Erika Thompson Stage
Erzsi  Institorisz Stage
Ethan Ellis Stage
Gabriel Yorston Stage
Gordo Cooper Stage
Gordon Prugh Stage
Gregory Chartrand Stage
Ian Dowdall Stage
Jaime Harro Stage
James Shafer Stage
James Waugh Stage
Jay Scott Stage
Jeffrey Decloedt Stage
Jennifer Rurak Stage
Jojo MacEachern Stage
Jonah Downey Stage
Jordan Naterer Stage
Julia Moniz-Lecce Stage
Jurgen Beerwalde Stage
Justin Milad Stage
Karen Shaw Stage
Kathy Shimizu Stage
Katie Sanford Stage
Katrine Ireland Stage
Kay Yamamoto Stage
Keifer Elliott Stage
Kelly Lee Stage
Kenny Ngo Stage
Lara Hawel Stage
Les Hatklin Stage
Macklen Linke Stage
Mara Hatklin Stage
Max Stromberg-Maier Stage
Meghan Dutot Stage
Melanie Bockmann Stage
Micheal Oluwasegun Stage
Mikaela Sanders Stage
Mike Hamm Stage
Monica Emme Stage
Natalia Dubljevic Stage
Noah Poirier Stage
Oscar Valdes Stage
Patrick Reynolds Stage
Pavel R. Stage
Pearl Ayem Stage
Pola Dimitry Stage
Rachel Fanshawe Stage
Radim Silar Stage
Rasto Kral Stage
Ray MacDonald Stage
Rob Laeser Stage
Roberto Orendain Berron Stage
Ryan Berner Stage
Ryan O'Neill Stage
Sacha Goldman Stage
Sharon Tseng Stage
Shirley Lum Stage
Simon Young Stage
Simone Leslie Stage
Taylor Johansen Stage
Taylor Johansson Stage
Uri Oberlander Stage
Vincent Gousy-Leblanc Stage
Vishnu V J Stage
Weike Qu Stage
Angie Parks Street Team
August Bramhoff Street Team
Greg Green Street Team
Guillermo Gutierrez Street Team
Harry Wong Street Team
Jon Satok Street Team
Kiva Lacterman Street Team
Lori Harkins Street Team
Maryanne Wollner Street Team
Nahla Hopfe Street Team
Peter Adamic Street Team
Amy Hack Transportation Post-Fest
Darrel Yurychuk Transportation Post-Fest
Francoise Raunet Transportation Post-Fest
Keith Stein Transportation Post-Fest
Madhuri Pendharkar Transportation Post-Fest
Marilyn Brulhart Transportation Post-Fest
Melinda Suto Transportation Post-Fest
Theresa Howell Transportation Post-Fest
Amelia van Fram Transportation Pre-Fest
Anne Duke Transportation Pre-Fest
Bill Hooker Transportation Pre-Fest
David Caves Transportation Pre-Fest
Deb Little Transportation Pre-Fest
Diane Kehoe Transportation Pre-Fest
Elizabeth Tuck Transportation Pre-Fest
Fanoula Arvanitis Transportation Pre-Fest
John Eastman Transportation Pre-Fest
Linda Uyehara Transportation Pre-Fest
Lydia Cartar Transportation Pre-Fest
Pauline Holland Transportation Pre-Fest
Richard Migicovsky Transportation Pre-Fest
Tim Pippus Transportation Pre-Fest
Tom Nesbit Transportation Pre-Fest
Violet Edwards Transportation Pre-Fest
Kaitlyn Roth Video
Miko Burns Video
Peter Perry Video
River Brooks Video
Steven Hill Video
Thom Stitt Video
Alison Stockbrocks Volunteer Gate
Allison Citynski Volunteer Gate
Ariel Ross Volunteer Gate
Ben Vining Volunteer Gate
Beth Deckert Volunteer Gate
Bianca Rothe-Nickull Volunteer Gate
Cathy Anderson Volunteer Gate
Dannielle Rutledge Volunteer Gate
Dawn-Marie Duncan-Smith Volunteer Gate
Emma Sawatzky Volunteer Gate
Evan Gatehouse Volunteer Gate
Gail Deckert Volunteer Gate
Jo Vipond Volunteer Gate
Julia Pepler Volunteer Gate
Kayla Nguyen Volunteer Gate
Laura Pena Volunteer Gate
Lily Lok Volunteer Gate
Lisa Popplewell Volunteer Gate
Madelyn Dekerf Volunteer Gate
Marion Langlois Volunteer Gate
Mark Anderson Volunteer Gate
Mila Kwan Volunteer Gate
NINJAKAT Stuart Volunteer Gate
Quinn Temmel Volunteer Gate
Sandra Wood Volunteer Gate
Shauneen Clark-O’Doherty Volunteer Gate
Sophie Waddell Volunteer Gate
Alireza Hajarian Water
Ayush Suhane Water
Brandon Lowe Water
Cecil Lu Water
Charlie Mallon Water
Clive Rabara Water
Connie Olsen Water
Emily  Kapahi Water
Emma C. Water
Gerry O'Doherty Water
Madeleine Dumais Water
Maggie Fleming Water
Mattie Schrock Water
Natalie Turecki Water
Olivia Hart Water
Qian Xiang Water
Rach Chakor Water
Renee Chaput Water
Ryan Mah Water
Sarah Gandolfo Water
Sarah Malks Water
Sasha Morley Water
Shaun Berndt Water
Shlomo Cohen Water
Simon Lewis Water
Steve Sanders Water
Subin Kwon Water
Tamana  Mehmi Water
Tayler Fuller Water
Tigerlilly Adlakha Water
Alan Toft Weekend Transportation
Brenda Hudson Weekend Transportation
Chelsea Harris Weekend Transportation
Dale Edwards Weekend Transportation
Donna Hansen Weekend Transportation
Gary Backhouse Weekend Transportation
Gordon Berndt Weekend Transportation
Ildiko Szabo Weekend Transportation
John Angrignon Weekend Transportation
Jonathan Harris Weekend Transportation
Ken Wilton Weekend Transportation
Kevin Wadden Weekend Transportation
Lia Dengler Weekend Transportation
Margaret Steyn Weekend Transportation
Mederic Fermi Weekend Transportation
Otto Lim Weekend Transportation
Robert Wyckham Weekend Transportation
Robin Dass Weekend Transportation
Roger Hanna Weekend Transportation
Russell Garber Weekend Transportation
Shane Duan Weekend Transportation
Stephen Aberle Weekend Transportation
Steve Allen Weekend Transportation
Warren Hunter Weekend Transportation
Alice Warkentin Will Call
Heather Silberberg Will Call
Jenny Fung Will Call
Kami Kanetsuka Will Call
Katie Chan Will Call
LouAnn Schmidt Will Call
Marcia Jones Will Call
Alexa  McEwen Yoga
Laura Dilley Yoga
Lorena Tatomir Yoga