About Volunteering at the Festival

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. The application is now closed for 2016.

Please email volunteers@thefestival.bc.ca or call 604-602-9798 x 404 for more information or if you have any questions.

About the Festival
How do I become a volunteer?
What will I be doing?
Volunteer Commitments
The Perks!
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Volunteer Agreement & Application Now Closed

About the Festival

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is a unique, community-based celebration of the finest in contemporary and traditional folk and roots music from around the world. It is an event that connects generations of families, groups of friends, and community members who come to enjoy the music, dance, food, children’s activities, and the very special ambiance of Jericho Beach, one of Vancouver’s sea-side jewels.

Volunteers are an essential and valued part of the VFMF. They help create a successful Festival year-after-year. We believe this volunteer experience is like no other. Our team of 1400+ volunteers, in collaboration with staff, have mastered the art of establishing a multi-faceted village of entertainment and enjoyment. Together we create a supportive and appreciative space for artists to collaborate and perform;  a welcoming, safe and comfortable space for audience members of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the artists and their music, the festival and the park; an area for community organizations to engage and tell the audience about the good work they are doing; a festival that is environmentally aware and sustainable, and so much more!

Vancouver Folk Music Festival Volunteer Value Statement:

Volunteers are essential to the operation, and integral to the success and ability of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in carrying out its mission and vision.

The VFMF values the time, talent, experience, knowledge, and commitment contributed by our volunteers. We value volunteering as an opportunity for people to connect, engage and discover joint solutions through the sharing of  an individual’s experience both outside and within the Festival. We are committed to offering our volunteers appropriate and meaningful responsibilities, suitable orientation and training, effective leadership, evaluation, and recognition. Volunteers are expected to be dedicated to the mission and vision of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, and to be ambassadors of the Festival, sharing the joy and passion of the Festival with all involved including each other, the artists, and the public.

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival abides by all required Human Rights and Non-discrimination legislation when selecting and assigning volunteers. No person will be denied the ability to volunteer for any reason or combination of reasons covered by said legislation.


How do I become a volunteer?

Anyone 14 and over can apply to be a volunteer! Browse through our website and familiarize yourself with all things Folk. Review the  Committee Descriptions and then head over to our online Volunteer Application Agreement and Form and you’re on your way!

  • All Volunteers must fill out an Application form, go through a phone or email screening and complete the final Confirmation form.
  • All information must be filled out fully and accurately to ensure placement.
  • Volunteers applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Our pre-screening calls can begin any time after April 25. Please be patient as we receive a high volume of applications.
  • Volunteer positions are filled based on previous Festival experience, work and life related skills, and selected committee preferences. Please keep in mind that some committees require specific skills and qualifications. We will go over this information and any special requirements during our screening process.
  • Once accepted you will be assigned to a committee, specific information regarding your role with that committee and scheduling information will be provided to you by a committee leader during the initial committee meeting between June 1st and 19th. 
  • A General Orientation meeting for New Volunteers will take place in early July.
  • Specific training and on-site orientation will occur in the week immediately preceding the Festival Weekend.
  • Pre-festival volunteers may be asked to begin as early as May 15th. Meetings and training will precede this start date if applicable.


Volunteer Commitments

The Volunteer Commitments may vary depending on when and where you are assigned. Pre & Post Festival Volunteers are required to volunteer a total of 30 hours. Festival Weekend Volunteers are required to volunteer a total of 15 hours. Some volunteers may be scheduled a combination of Pre/Post and Weekend hours and will have time commitments adjusted accordingly.

Volunteers may also be asked to attend mandatory meetings or training sessions prior to The Festival depending on the committee they are assigned to. As a general rule Volunteers can expect to be asked to attend on Off-site meeting in June, and one on-site meeting in the week immediately prior to the Festival Weekend.

New Volunteers will also be asked to attend a festival orientation meeting in June.

All Volunteers are expected to abide by the Festival Code Of Conduct provided with the Volunteer Handbook.

All Volunteers should expect to have fun and make friends!


The Perks

In addition to joining an amazing community of like-minded individuals that make up the thousands strong Festival Family all Volunteers will receive the following:

  • Full weekend entry to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival
  • A Festival Souvenir program and a Volunteer T-shirt
  • Entry to the Festival backstage area
  • Entry to Exclusive Volunteer Appreciation Events
  • Fantastic Food: Friday Night Dinner, Saturday  & Sunday Lunch & dinner provided
  • Cash breakfast available Saturday and Sunday
  • And of course good times, awesome people, and amazing music!


Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

The Festival is known for offering a safe community and work environment to its artists, volunteers, and staff. Fostering such an environment includes:

  • respectful treatment of volunteers by staff members
  • training sessions and support from the Volunteer Coordinator and Support Team to ensure a safe and secure work experience
  • compliance with provincial heath and safety regulations; meeting all necessary legal requirements to protect its volunteers
  • a Volunteer Review Committee, with representation from the Festival’s Board of Directors, to listen to and address volunteer grievances and/or concerns
  • a detailed volunteer handbook will be provided electronically to all volunteers


Do you need more information or want to contact the Festival?

Email volunteers@thefestival.bc.ca or call 604.602.9798 ex. 404 to speak with the VFMF volunteer coordinator!