Shahin Khosravi

What memory stands out most when you think of your time at the Festival?
I can never forget how I was in shocked at the second day of my volunteering in the folk music festival, because a bad accident had happened to my 4-year-old grandson just the same day and he was in the hospital for a surgery. In spite of all my concerns and worries about him and the pain that I could feel in my heart, I attended the festival and tried to do my volunteering work in the best way I could. And I have to tell you, it’s helped me a lot to calm down myself and reduce my stress about my beloved grandson. All the festival elements gave me a lot of positive energy especially my friendly and lovely co- volunteers in the kitchen with their kind and supportive manner.
Maybe volunteering to work in the kitchen do some pressures on you, but at the end when you see the outcome, when you notice that all of the tired volunteers from other sections come to the food section to eat the food that your team has prepared, it makes you pleased and satisfied and it remains in your mind as a beautiful memory.

Why do you volunteer for the Festival? What inspires you?
I consider volunteering as a social discourse. I’ve participated in such different discourse to gain such a valuable experience. I’ve also wanted to see a great event from another perspective rather than an audience watching the stage, but as a member of volunteers’ family that co- operate with other members to contribute in making the festival as a memorable day. In addition, I love folk music, in both traditional form and modern style. Folk is a certain world with
all its fantastic songs, dances tails and poems. I myself have written a Persian linguistic essay about the feminine speech effects on the folklore, several years ago. Additionally, I like to learn more about Canada and its culture. I am a new comer and it was my first weeks of residency in Canada that during which I thought volunteering for the folk music festival could be a chance to be a useful member of a cultural community and I could develop my communication skill by getting involved in a team work. I can‘t explain how useful it was for me and how much I’ve learned from it! The festival has inspired me to write my first English poetry!

What’s your favorite part of the Festival?
I enjoyed the festival atmosphere and the spirit of communal cooperation that flowed everywhere. Everything was very organized and was in its correct place, as if there was an unwritten rule that all the people, artists, volunteers and staffs abided by it peacefully and optionally. The volunteers’ manner was wonderful. They’ve impressed me, and the music was really fantastic. It seems the singers narrate some stories of common happiness and sadness of people by their songs. But the most interesting thing was on the other side of fences, where the people who can’t buy the festival ticket stood and listened to the music. From such point of view festival environment seemed like an imaginative space, at the end of night. The paper lanterns in the shape of fish, star, butterfly and bee moved smoothly around, and the voices of the music combined with the sound of sea waves, and the big round moon was watching and smiling from the sky in a very beautiful and magical way.

What advice would you give to new volunteers?
It’s better to register for your favorite duty, but if they suggest another position, don’t worry about that. Consider it as an opportunity to gain some new experience. Your goal is to contribute in a social event and to be a small part of it, it doesn’t matter in what dress you do that! Facing and challenging with a new situation will help you to improve your social practice and to expand the circle of your links and skills. If you are volunteer it means you have a responsible personality. Pride yourself on volunteering and enjoy all over things during the work.