Rebecca Sokol-Snyder

Rebecca Sokol-SnyderName: Rebecca Sokol-Snyder

Committee: Volunteer Gate

Number of years volunteering: 4

My first reaction when I received this nomination was, “THE FESTIVAL LOVES ME AS MUCH AS I LOVE IT”. I could not be happier. I love the folk fest. I like to think of it as my weekend because it is definitely my favorite weekend of the year. Last year, when I moved away from Vancouver, I insisted on staying another week for the festival and this year I scheduled my visit to include it. I go into each year with the highest expectations and every year they are topped a million fold. I am forever impressed by the amazing range of musicians and artists who come to play and their music makes up my go-to playlists for the rest of the year. I have so many wonderful things to say that I could probably write 10 pages but I’ll keep this short. One of my favorite memories of the festival was my first year volunteering (2013). I was volunteering with my French exchange student and we didn’t know anyone else. We were immediately absorbed into a group of young people who were also on our committee. The immediate sense of community and friendship is what makes the folk festival so special. Oh and let’s not forget that was the year with too many cabbages so we all learned to juggle.