Rasool Rasooli

Rasool Rasooli (1)

Name: Rasool Rasooli

Committee: Water (Coordinator)

Number of years volunteering: 8

What memory stands out most when you think of your time at the Festival?

There are lots of moments that have been captured and imprinted into my memory and the utmost one is, when the gate gets open to public; it’s such a process of blossoming when people move smoothly and happily toward the main stage and spread their matting, there around the mountains, ocean and trees they become in full blossom to add the smell of music to their petals..

Why do you volunteer for the Festival? What inspires you?

Volunteering is one the most honorable and spiritual positions, because for the service you give, you have no expectation for what you get back in return; therefore all your work comes out of positive energy and the environment where you volunteer gets affected with that positivity and attracts everyone to share those valuable moments.

What’s your favourite part of the Festival?

I think this is so hard to answer because the whole festival is the favourite of everyone including me.

What advice would you give to new volunteers?

Try to feel deeply and understand that this festival is symbolizing peace and harmony which rises from each one’s center, and manifest that happiness in the music, and have friendly and compassionate contacts with each other. Also it is an opportunity to give service to our community and to be honest. Our community deserves this service; in this festival and other community services.