Marc White

Marc WhiteName: Marc White

Committee: Box Office Site (Coordinator)

Number of years volunteering: 28+ (1982 was the first year but missed a few years)

What advice would you give to new volunteers?

Smile and Be Happy. The Festival is a unique opportunity to collectively create a loving harmonious experience for volunteers and patrons. As a once a year event – there are many moving parts and many opportunities for fun and challenges. The wonderment is that for the most part, most things work and some things especially on Friday are being re-learned. With a very small staff and over 1400 volunteers there is a strong reliance on the continuity of volunteers and training of new volunteers to get 1,000’s of things done before, during and after the Festival. Some suggestions for new volunteers: Volunteer for a few years, if interested in leadership become a coordinator in training, take time to read VFMF policies and procedures, read the committee manual or create or renew a committee manual. If you see some inefficiencies, ponder how things could be done differently. Take everything as learning opportunity, keep your cool, keep your sense of humour, be on time for your shifts, and participate in committee evaluations. If you need a change – consider another committee next year. Every volunteer counts.