Jesse Brint

Committee: Labour Pool
Number of years volunteering: 1

What memory stands out most when you think of your time at the Festival?

Having lunch with Marlon Williams! As well as getting to catch multiple Will Varley workshops, and hearing Marietta’s stories about working with Guns & Roses!

Why do you volunteer for the Festival? What inspires you?

I’m a huge fan of music in general and have been playing music for over half my life, I really just wanted to see some of the behind the scenes happenings and get to see more of the process behind staging a big festival. Music that moves me is a big inspiration – especially when it’s done by people who really do it for the love.

What’s your favourite part of the Festival

Workshops! Getting to see artists collaborate and lay it on the line always produces some magical moments. A lot of the great collaborations you see at The Fest may never, ever happen again! Also getting to be a part of an impromptu Jonah Blacksmith video on the beach at Sunset was pretty neat.

What advice would you give to new volunteers?

Be open minded, friendly and there to help. If there’s a band you are super passionate about seeing – ask your coordinator!