Frances Kirson

Committee: Office
Number of years volunteering: 1

What memory stands out most when you think of your time at the Festival?

The Festival is so vibrant and full of joyful times and great people, it’s hard to pick a favorite moment. But one stood out for me this year because it reminded me that even in our little space on earth we are always connected to the world community. I was listening to Egyptian musician and activist Remy Essam sing on the mainstage. I was enjoying his performance, but my attention was pulled away. Standing inches away from me was a young girl about eight years old. Her forehead had face paint, probably from playing in the Kidzone, and her eyes were riveted on the man singing on stage. Her face glowed from the inside out as she took in Remy’s words. I said hello, and with great excitement she exclaimed that he was speaking her language. When I asked her where she was from, she answered “Syria”. She shared with me what his words meant, adding a new dimension to my experience. Later, I had an opportunity to share this with Remy. He was grateful and moved. This moment brought to life my favourite quote from the festival. Billy Bragg reminded everyone that music unites us and that “All music is empathy for people you’ve never met”.

What’s your favourite part of the Festival?

There’s so much to enjoy: wonderful people, great music, fun dancing, beautiful setting, and new experiences.