Donna Finch

Donna Finch

Name: Donna Finch

Committee: Inventory (Coordinator)

Number of years volunteering: 10 years on and off

Why do you volunteer for the Festival? What inspires you?

I look forward to the festival all year and I talk about it to everyone around me. It’s become part of our family tradition. It started with a very pure love of music and lack of funds. Volunteering was a way to get in for the weekend when we couldn’t afford the ticket cost. The sense of giving back has become as important as sitting under a tree (or in the sunshine) listening to something amazing and pondering how very lucky we are to be in this moment. There is an amazing sense of community that is hard to find in a city. I love sharing this with new people. There are still people who haven’t attended!! Unbelievable!! The spirit of the festival carries me through many weeks and I look forward to when we’ll all be together again to share such a special time.