Catherine Fallis

What advice would you give to new volunteers?
I have loved all of the quirky things that happen in the hospitality suite. It’s a great committee to work for since you get to interact with the performers. “In the old days” we used to make home made chocolate cookies for them. It was fun to watch them drift in sniffing the lovely smell, and then devouring the warm cookies. One year we put bowls of fresh cherries and condoms in every quad at the UBC residence. Even now, when they don’t need us so much for information, they are always so appreciative of us being there, and welcoming them to come and hang out. My favourite thing is to go to the site and see a musician, who I’ve never heard play before, but have just met in the hospitality suite. I love the feeling of contributing to something bigger than me – all of us, musicians, staff, and volunteers, all working for a common cause. And I really love it when the lanterns come in, and there’s a big moon in the pink sky, and whoever is on stage has never experienced them before, and is wowed!