Veteran Agreement & Application

Veteran Volunteer Applications are now open!
Please read the agreement thoroughly. By clicking the link below you have accepted these terms. 

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival agrees to the following understanding with volunteers:

  • Volunteers will have access to the Festival site for the weekend, including back stage area. (VIP & Artist only areas excluded)
  • Volunteers will have access to meals (Dinner Friday, Lunch & Dinner Saturday & Sunday) at no charge. (Cash breakfasts are available on Saturday & Sunday)
  • Volunteers will have access to the Volunteer Appreciation Event on the Festival Weekend at no charge.
  • Volunteers will receive respectful treatment at all times.
  • Volunteers will receive proper training and support to ensure a safe and secure experience.
  • Volunteers will have direct access to the Volunteer Coordinator and Support Team at all times.
  • The Vancouver Folk Music Festival will abide by all Health and Safety regulations and provide information regarding these regulations on request.

The Volunteer agrees to the following understanding with the Vancouver Folk Music Festival:

  • All Volunteers will submit a fully completed Veteran Application Form, with accurate information.
  • Volunteers will pay a $15 non-refundable Festival Fee. This Fee helps support Volunteer services including T-shirts, Meals & Snacks, Transportation, Volunteer Appreciation Events, and Support Services.
  • Volunteers will provide the Festival with emergency contact information once assigned and inform the Festival of any known medical conditions that are relevant to the safety and emergency care of said volunteer. (ie: severe allergies, physical limitations, required additional accommodations for any health issue)
  • All Volunteers will attend General Festival & Committee meetings as directed.
  • All Volunteers will complete 15 volunteer hours if assigned during Festival Weekend, and 30 hours if assigned Pre or Post festival.
  • All Volunteers will complete their Festival volunteer assignment in a satisfactory way (showing up on time for shifts, staying required duration, wearing volunteer T-shirt while on shift, respectful treatment of other volunteers, staff, performers, and patrons of the Festival.)
  • All Volunteers will abide by the policies of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, including, but not limited to, zero tolerance for use of violence, harassment, controlled drugs, and the consumption of alcohol while on shift.

PLEASE NOTE: A volunteer will ordinarily be a person 14 years of age and older. Areas that handle alcohol require volunteers to be 19 years of age or older. Areas in which driving is necessary require volunteers with a clean driving abstract and the appropriate class of drivers license. Some areas may require specialized abilities and/or training.

By continuing with the application you agree to have read and accept the Terms and Conditions outlined above.

I Agree