Tomato Tomato

Tomato Tomato 
New Brunswick

If optimism had a sound it would be every rattle, click and thwack that comes from Lisa McLaggan’s washboard. She ticky-tacs her way through each number with rollicking speed and exuberance; leaving her audiences wide-eyed and smiling because Tomato Tomato’s music genre really is, simply, joy.

Their harmony is air-tight – John’s McLaggan’s folk-style guitar playing anchoring Lisa’s kick drum syncopation. Through it all winds whimsical strings, washboards, tins, tappers and clackers that flutter about the melody like sandpipers on the Bay of Fundy.

Saint John, New Brunswick-based bluegrass darlings Tomato/Tomato charmed the East Coast with the release of their debut album So It Goes. The quirky duo then set their sights on the rest of the world with their sophomore effort, I Go Where You Go, and it worked! The world can’t resist this wife-husband duo’s blend of high energy foot stompers and traditional folk – a layering of memorable melodies, gorgeous harmonies, and Lisa’s unique washboard/bass drum/tin can setup.

They’re bringing TT style New Brunswick folk right across the country to our gates this summer, and it’s gonna be great! Tomato Tomato are visible proof you just can’t keep a good washboard down.