The Mae Trio

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2017

The Mae Trio

Melbourne’s Maggie Rigby, sister Elsie Rigby, and Anita Hillman all grew up steeped in music. Elsie and Maggie played in their family band, spending their childhood in music camps and at festivals, choir rehearsals and concerts. Anita, with her classical pianist mother and folk enthusiast father, grew up playing in orchestras, string quartets and jazz ensembles.

And when they first played together in 2011, it was the beginning of an adventure that saw them throw in the towels on two unfinished university degrees and a teaching job, and set off into the great unknown. That turned out to be a great idea. Their 2013 debut album, “Housewarming”, won them awards and garnered them great gigs and tours on three continents. For the second, they decamped to Nashville, discovered snow, and have recently released the result, “Take Care Take Cover.”

Humbly authentic, dynamic and striking, the trio write powerful original songs, accompanying them with cello, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and ukulele – and stunning three part harmonies. Their repertoire covers the gamut, from tunes about the deep love between a girl and her banjo to other, feistier, numbers, like Well Enough Alone. “This is song is about deciding not to take those judgements on board, not to lie down and take crap from anyone, no matter who they are.”

With their roots firmly planted in folk tradition, the trio is as well known for their complex arrangements and lyrical sophistication as for their spellbinding and refreshing live performance. Prepare to be enchanted.