Matt Holubowski

Matt Holubowski 

A keen traveler, lover of the world and all its cultures, Matt Holubowski grew up in a bilingual home in Hudson, west of Montreal, learned to play guitar – and at 18 tuned into folk music after hearing Elliott Smith’s song Twilight.

Not sure music was a career for him, he played in pubs and clubs in Montreal, but also journeyed to places like Uganda and SE Asia, wrote and worked odd jobs. But in 2014, he decided to commit. And the rest is history. Under the pseudonym “Ogen”, he released the homemade “Old Man” – its central theme being the art of aging with grace, in your own way. This led to participation in Quebec’s Le Voix, and after singing Ray Lamontagne’s Burn, over 10,000 album orders poured in.

His career has been taking flight every since, with sold out shows and acclaim. He still found time to travel, the rich experiences fueling his music. He presented his latest recording “Solitudes in front of a packed Corona Theater in September 2016. The record climbed the sales charts to #1 in Quebec and #2 in Canada for a few weeks, reaching nearly 28 000 records sold. The singer-songwriter embarked on a colossal tour, which brought him to over thirty cities in a few months, and continues to grow with nearly sixty shows slated this year.

This is a young, fascinating, artist on the rise!