Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri 

Ganga Giri is a world renowned didgeridoo virtuoso and innovator of a fusion of the ancient instrument with electronic beats that has taken the dance floors of the world by storm since the dawn of the 21st Century.

He was born in Port Fairy, Australia, and his musical journey began as a child when he started playing kit drums at age 8. Inspired by a dream, he followed his calling and began to play didjeridu the very next day. It has been a natural progression for Ganga to create a new contemporary sound by mixing funky rhythms through the didj – especially since the sound he was after wasn’t available on the market. Influenced by many varied genres, including Indian tabla and African percussion, he has married indigenous Australian and world music with fat funky dance beats, and has found an appreciative audience around the globe.

Ganga has gained the respect of Aboriginal didgeridu (yidaki) players for his unique approach to didgeridoo playing. Deeply inspired by the sacredness of Australia’s land and how that feeling can be expressed through the didjeridu, he has become an ambassador for his country, offering his world-wide audience a reflection of contemporary multicultural Australia.

In the process, this seasoned road warrior has blown up countless festival stages of tens of thousands of ecstatic dancers, inspiring a positive celebration of global community and culture, creating a world-beat celebration.