Eilen Jewell

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2017

Eilen Jewell 


Honesty, confidence, and respect permeate Eilen Jewell’s music – it’s in every note she sings. Her sound is hard to categorize —terms like alt-country, roots-rock, country-noir, and Americana get used a lot. Her music encompasses a wide range of traditions, from the folk and jug band leanings of her first few albums, to the vintage country stylings of her Loretta Lynn tribute, to gospel, garage rock, and Chicago blues. It’s even harder not to become totally engaged by the singer-songwriter’s powerful versatility, musical stories, and the images she invokes.

And that gorgeous voice makes you feel like she’s singing just for you, out on the breezy back porch or by a crackling campfire. It stays with you, a captivating blend of wild and under control.

The Boise native has recorded five studio albums for Signature Sounds with her road-tested touring band, and two more as a member of the Boston-based gospel-charged Sacred Shakers.

Eilen Jewell does so much, so well. There’s a lot going on with this eclectic and talented artist. It will be lots of fun to find out more!