Choir! Choir! Choir!

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2017

Choir! Choir! Choir! 

It’s an verified, anecdotal fact: when Toronto’s Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman (AKA “DaBu”) get up in front of a group of people who just want to sing, magic happens. Something just seems to click when the duo comes together with folks who like to sing cool songs out loud without judgement. Bonds are formed, a special energy, a spirit is evoked – and people are happy. This year, the phenomenon that is the Choir! Choir! Choir! experience is coming to the VFMF, and everyone – singers, non-singers, hope-to-be-singers – is invited to join in.

Daveed and DaBu started Choir! Choir! Choir! as a weekly drop in, no-commitment singing event in Toronto in February 2011. Now happening twice weekly, and open to anyone who likes to sing new arrangements of pop songs, C!C!C! boasts a dedicated and passionate membership of inspired singers from in and around Metro TO. They’ve performed live with Patti Smith at the Art Gallery of Ontario, their Space Oddity video tribute to David Bowie garnered millions of views, they brought their Prince tribute of When Doves Cry to Massey, Carnegie, and Radio City Music Halls. Then there was that Rufus Wainwright gathering at Luminato with 1,500 singers. Now they’re bringing the experience to summer festivals, and so to you.

Warm up your pipes and catch these inspiring choral galvanizers on various VFMF stages from Thursday to Saturday.