Explore the amazing array of artists we have gathered from around the world to build a soundtrack for the best weekend of your summer – and we'll see you at the beach!

Art Bergmann

Much-needed truth in an era of ceaseless spin, fear–mongering, and personal agendas

Wallis Bird

Sheer visceral energy that could kick-start an entire economy

Mariel Buckley Band

Songs so good that they stop you dead in your tracks

Steph Cameron

A bracing gust of fresh musical air

Neko Case

A career defined by both strong will and musical versatility

Ry Cooder featuring the HamilTones

Legendary American musician, songwriter, record producer, and film score composer

Joachim Cooder

Songs about longing, love, plants, and the inner life of inanimate objects

Rodney Crowell

Musical elder statesman with vision, uncompromising spirit, and singular voice

Alex Cuba

Sweet melodies, pop-soul hooks and powerful guitar riffs


Folk, world, punk, rap? Yes!


Instrumental wizardry and incandescent vocals combine to delve into deep territory


Glorious harmonies, insightful and whimsical lyrics

Guy Davis

Ambassador of the Blues plays a visit to the embassy at Jericho Beach

The Dead South

Boot-stompin' folk-bluegrass-rock with a dash of acoustic heavy metal

Las Estrellas de Vancouver

Que vivan las mujeres en mariachi!

Mick Flannery

Singing out against the rise of the forces of hate, division, greed

Dori Freeman

Straight-to-the-heart delivery from a rising star

Gamelan Bike Bike

New music for gamelan on the west coast

Ilaria Graziano e Francesco Forni

Travelogues across Mexico and Texas, into the American heartland, and beyond

Gordon Grdina’s Haram

10-piece powerhouse Arabic/avant-garde ensemble

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes

One of the modern-day blues greats


Unifying riveting electronic trip-hop beats with her Cree/Dene/Irish spirit

Kacy & Clayton

Vivid, character-filled songs

Martin Kerr

Carefree, replayable, and toe-tappingly irresistible

Ezra Kwizera

The spark of an overcomer with a vision to inspire change

Grant Lawrence and Friends

Stories and songs from the open highways and byways of rock ‘n’ roll

Little Miss Higgins

Old-time country blues, sprinkled with a little jazz and a hint of folk

John Lowell Band

Trailblazing Montana singer/songwriter

A Familia Machado

A very special family reunion

James McMurtry

Stories spun with a poet’s pen and a painter’s precision

Mike Munson

A master class in creative blues composition and performance

Murfitt and Main

Home-made songs steeped in the living tradition of roots music

Dawn Pemberton

It’s all about the groove . . . with a percolating undercurrent of soul-jazz and funk

Petunia and the Vipers

A delectable musical concoction by musicians who refuse to paint inside the lines

Carole Pope

Boundary-pushing campfire pop-folk

Les Poules a Colin

Electrifying energy, beguiling modesty, and a mind-blowing trad-folk groove

Professor Banjo & Estro Jennies

Shake out your crinoline and get ready to do-si-do!

Quantum Tangle

A dramatic fusion of old-world sound and new-world consciousness

Ranky Tanky

Get funky with the timeless music of Gullah culture

Steve Riley & Mamou Playboys

Zydeco and Swamp Pop alongside traditional Cajun tunes and originals

Archie Roach

The elder statesman of Australian Indigenous music

Small Glories

folk/roots/Americana marked by stellar vocals and first-rate picking

Son de Madera

String-driven music with galvanizing dance and vocals

Jayme Stone’s Folklife

Heirloom seeds passed down from a bygone generation

Leonard Sumner

An expression of medicine that walks the line between fragility and fortitude

Three Women and the Truth

Three women, three guitars - words, music, and hard-won wisdom

Viper Central

Classic and original bluegrass pieces at barn-burning tempos

Skye Wallace

Folk music that makes you want to put on your high-top sneakers and rock out

Wazimbo and Banda Kakana

Two of Mozambique’s greatest exports join forces

Donovan Woods

Tales of love, rejection and triumph