2014 Artist Photos

Below you will find high resolution and low resolution photos of Festival artists for media use.

When you hover your cursor over the photo you will see the name of the photo. The letters lr at the end of the title indicate a low resolution photo suitable for web use. The letters hr indicate a high resolution photo suitable for print use.

IMPORTANT: To download an image to your computer, right-click a thumbnail and click on “Save link as…” or “Save target As …” (NOT “Save image as…” or “Save picture as… ).
Alternatively, if you click on a thumbnail it will enlarge the photo and you can right click and “Save image as… or “save picture as…”

Joan Baez [nggallery id=74]

Banda Kakana [nggallery id=75]

Andrew Bird and the Hands of Glory [nggallery id=76]

Born Ruffians [nggallery id=77]

Brasstronaut [nggallery id=78]

David Bridie [nggallery id=79]

The Carper Family [nggallery id=80]

Rose Cousins [nggallery id=81]

The Casey Driessen Singularity  [nggallery id=82]

Dulsori  [nggallery id=83]

Quique Escamilla  [nggallery id=84]

Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys  [nggallery id=85]

Fish and Bird  [nggallery id=86]

Flying Mountain  [nggallery id=87]

Ashleigh Flynn & the Back Porch Majority  [nggallery id=88]

Beppe Gambetta  [nggallery id=89]

Geomungo Factory  [nggallery id=90]

Eliza Gilkyson  [nggallery id=91]

Great Lake Swimmers  [nggallery id=92]

Grievous Angels  [nggallery id=93]

James Hill  [nggallery id=94]

The Honeycutters  [nggallery id=95]

The Howlin’ Brothers  [nggallery id=96]

Tamar Ilana & Ventanas  [nggallery id=97]

Iskwew Singers  [nggallery id=98]

Stephen Kellogg  [nggallery id=99]

Seun Kuti and Egypt 80  [nggallery id=100]

 Mary Lambert  [nggallery id=101]

Amos Lee  [nggallery id=102]

Lemon Bucket Orkestra  [nggallery id=103]

Les Tireux D’Roches  [nggallery id=104]

Lost Bayou Ramblers  [nggallery id=105]

Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast  [nggallery id=106]

La Manta  [nggallery id=107]

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar  [nggallery id=108]

Tift Merritt  [nggallery id=109]

Mokoomba  [nggallery id=110]

Leo Moran and Anthony Thistlethwaite  [nggallery id=111]

The Nautical Miles  [nggallery id=112]

Oh My Darling  [nggallery id=113]

Ozomatli  [nggallery id=114]

Pacifika  [nggallery id=115]

Karine Polwart  [nggallery id=117]

Alejandra Ribera  [nggallery id=118]

Jenny Ritter  [nggallery id=119]

David Rovics  [nggallery id=120]

Noura Mint Seymali  [nggallery id=121]

Langhorne Slim & the Law  [nggallery id=122]

Leonard Sumner  [nggallery id=123]

Oliver Swain’s BIG MACHINE  [nggallery id=124]

Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana  [nggallery id=125]

Typhoon  [nggallery id=126]

Foy Vance  [nggallery id=127]

Suzie Vinnick  [nggallery id=128]

Wagons  [nggallery id=129]

Leo “Bud” Welch  [nggallery id=130]

Josh White Jr  [nggallery id=131]

Wintersleep  [nggallery id=132]

 Frank Yamma  [nggallery id=134]