2010 Friday Evening Volunteers

Mark W. was enjoying the last of his meal, but was kind enough to talk to me about the various roles he has played during his many years of volunteering. Jeff M. is taking care of festival goers in the medical tent. Dan K. is your man for information. Cathy, “Sunshine Cat”, Joanne H. and […]

2009 Volunteer Stories Remembered

Last year was my first year documenting the stories of the volunteers and I had the privilege of working with Dean Buscher, (second from right) who took most of the photos with his beautiful Nikon D3. I did bring my trusty Nikon D50 and my Zoom H4 audio recorder. Jonathan, our coordinator is far right, […]

Volunteer video interview at vancouver folk music festival 2009

Video of  Volunteer for “Volunteer stories”. Collecting stories of Volunteers for Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2009. Video by Kryshan Randel, Interview by angel hamilton, video converted by Jonathan Hanley ( Vimeo profile ) Bookmark It Hide Sites

Administration Tent – The Hub of Backstage

One cheery volunteer always had a smile for me, so I thought I should share some of his thoughts on volunteering with you. Listen to Paul A: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Paul is a long time volunteer and enjoys reuniting with his friends at the Folk Fest every year. I identify with […]

Volunteering with Special Needs

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet Scott, who works in the Kitchen. I was surprised to notice a volunteer on crutches, so I asked him to say a few words about his volunteer experience. Listen to Scott: Scott later decided that he did not want his podcast included on the website, so I have […]