Lantern Committee Volunteer

Say hello to Andrew B. a member of the Lantern Committee who you have probably seen in the procession at the end of the evening. His lantern was quite complex with some LED lights in addition to the traditional candle. He explains some of the building process and gives some hints on how to build […]

Volunteer Medical Help On-site

Back behind the artisan shops, there is an area next to the kitchen where many volunteers spend their hours. Unlike some committee members, they are not working in full view of the stage and the music that reaches them is filtered through the trees and booths that separate them from the nearest stage. Who are […]

Pascal interview

July 18, 2009 Interviewer: Angel Hamilton Interviewee: Pascal 1. When did you first start volunteering for VFMF? I started to volunteer 4 years ago. 2. Why did you get in to volunteering? My friends invited me to volunteer. I lived away from the folk fest for years and wanted to come and see the show […]