Video Interview With Vendor Sara

Sara was vending at the Folk Market at the VFMF for the second year and shares the initiatives that Shanti Uganda has taken on to improve the lives of women and children in Uganda. She also shares the story behind the beads that many of the festival’s participants were seen wearing as well as her […]

Lantern Committee Volunteer

Say hello to Andrew B. a member of the Lantern Committee who you have probably seen in the procession at the end of the evening. His lantern was quite complex with some LED lights in addition to the traditional candle. He explains some of the building process and gives some hints on how to build […]

2009 Volunteer Stories Remembered

Last year was my first year documenting the stories of the volunteers and I had the privilege of working with Dean Buscher, (second from right) who took most of the photos with his beautiful Nikon D3. I did bring my trusty Nikon D50 and my Zoom H4 audio recorder. Jonathan, our coordinator is far right, […]

Volunteer Experience – Raffle Ticket Sellers

Here are some interviews with the Raffle Ticket sellers at the Folk Festival. They are all dressed in imaginative costumes as they walk though the crowds selling raffle tickets. There are some great prizes this year, so they tell me ticket sales are going well. They talk about the great sense of community they feel […]