Here are some tips and help on blogging using wordpress.

One option if our tips aren’t enough is to use the Help and Forum areas of the site.

Save and Publish

It’s very simple to publish a post or page with wordpress. To save the work you’ve done, simple click on the “Save” button on the middle right hand side next to your text box. You then have options to Publish or leave Unpublished. In any case, you should always remember to save your work. You can change the “Publish Status” to publish if you want to publish it, or leave it Unpublished if you’re still working on it.


To insert media, you click on the “Add media” on the top right hand corner above the page menu. You will see the option to reference an external link, upload a file, or choose a file from the media library.


To insert photos in your blog post, you can upload photos using the “Add media” button, or reference external photos, or photos that were already uploaded to your media gallery.

Flickr photos

Tabla Groove
Replace the following code with your own from flickr ( embed code ). Replace [ ] in code example.


To insert a youtube video in your blog post, you would add the following code ( replacing the exact ID name with the ID of your specific video. ( remove spaces at beginning and end of square brackets ) [ youtube: ]


You can add sound or audio clips. Ideally we’re looking for short interview / talking clips to hear about your volunteer experiences. You can store the audio elsewhere or upload here and link to it. You create HTML link like this < a href=”″>36</a >

NOTE: remove the space before and after the < and>