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Stanley who is a first timer to the festival from Germany is working the festival as a shuttle bus driver, in customer service. He is living in Patiloca Lake between Bella Coola and Williams Lake. He is currently working at the Sandman Hotel as a greeter and welcomer. He is here  for the summer. He […]


Dry bones is according to radio promoter festival attendee to be the high light  of the festival. They will be playing Friday night on stage 3. They are originally from Winnipeg. Speaking to Gregg the stage crew personnel who is with the festival for 26 years has seen many festivals here in Vancouver, on the […]


Shasona  has being with the festival for two years working as a volunteer. This year she is working as a security guard for the festival,going around saying no to people in a positive way  as she says ” making this world a better place” as she tells people where to find things or where to […]