Holding court at the Bike Lock-up

Jennifer Passmore has been volunteering at the Folk Festival for four or five years, starting in the kitchen and graduating to the bike lock-up.  She has a simple philosophy about the Festival. Rather than spending a lot of time worrying about who’s playing she likes to come and see what’s happening.  She is enthusiastic to be working a friday night shift on the bike lock-up. The best for her part is meeting all the bikers and seeing good friends, who mostly ride bikes to the Festival each year.

Aside from being really fun, the best part of volunteering for Jennifer is that it’s a really good deal to spend some time outside doing something joyful and then getting to enjoy the Festival.

Jennifer’s partner on the Friday night Bike Lock-up shift is Andre Vas, whose been a bike lock-up volunteer for all three years he’s been volunteering at the Festival. He is enthusiastic and gregarious meeting the onslaught of bikers that come in thick waves, smiling from behind his sunglasses.  It takes my Volunteer stories partner Anna several minutes to get close enough to Andre to take a photo, but he’s relaxed and hams it up a bit for the camera.  He describes the Folk Festival as the best weekend of the year. “What could be better than hanging out in the sun with music?” he asks.

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Jaia Christopher is an enthusiastic and community-minded Vancouverite. Passionate about living on the West Coast, Jaia has been here five years since relocating from Halifax. Residing in East Van for the past four years, Jaia has been a core organizer of the Commercial Drive Car-Free Days since its first year four summers ago, running stages and coordinating volunteers and still contributes as a block captain for Car-Free summer spaces gracing Commercial Drive most summers.

A spirited dancer, Jaia can be seen inspiring movement and activating dancefloors all over the city, and has dedicated time to co-organizing Earthdance, the Intention gatherings and is a founding member of Just Danc- Journeys. A talented and engaging performer Jaia has expanded from his spoken word roots to encompass all forms all vocal sounding from beatboxing to toning, chanting, droning and freestyle poetry and remains active encouraging others to open up their voices and bodies. He recently invested in a Boss Rc-50 loop station to build vocal community and leads vocal-focused workshops. He is currently working on his third cd, as JAIAquarian, incorporating vocal loops, freestyled lyrics and polished poetics.

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